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HG 1/144 GN-X Review

Yes, lotsa posts lately. I just felt like it. ^^;

Anyways, here's a simple review of the GN-X or GNX-603T.

Image courtesy of, again.

Price: 1200 Yen

Before that, a short summary of the Gundam 00 Universe. I'll try my best not to spoil the story for you all.

In the year AD2307, Celestial Being began their armed intervention with armed forces(to eradicate war), the mobile suits(mechs, robots, etc) Gundam(Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue). These Gundams are like nothing the world have seen, trashing most, if not all, of the mobile suits that the governments can dish out. This is because of the mysterious power source of the Gundams which spew out green particles as they move, the GN Drive(also known as solar furnaces). These GN Drives are capable of long operation as stated by the anime, it has a seemingly infinite power supply.

Later on, three new Gundams(Throne Eins, Drei and Zwei) appeared which are not within the original plan, equipped with fake GN Drives, known as the GN Tau Drives. Unlike real GN Drives, these require to be charged frequently like a normal engine, except the mobile suit equipped with it will be stronger than your run of the mill mobile suit.

Near the end of the first season, a traitor among Celestial Being gave out 30 GN Tau Drives to the Unified World Goverment(after being based around by a common enemy, what should multiple nations do?) and with it, 30 GN-Xs were born... These GN-Xs are strong as they have been shown to totally be able to pwn the Gundams...

Okay enough of that, here are some specific on the GN-X;
Height: 19.0m(the Gundams are about 18m)
Weight: 70.4t(the Gundams are just slightly more than 50t, even Virtue isn't as heavy)

Weapons and Equipment;
GN Beam Rifle(right arm)
GN Long Barrel Beam Rifle(two hands)
GN Beam Saber(2)
GN Shield(left arm)
GN Vulcan(1 on both sides of the head)
GN Claw(they have really sharp fingers, seriously, its a weapon)

You notice the lots of "GN"s there right? This is because every weapon and equipment is powered by the GN Drive, even if its fake.

Note: The following pictures have gone through some noise reduction, brightening(dim room is dim room) and re-sized(scaled down 50%). Please tell me if it looks better now, or maybe worst(as compared to previous reviews).

The GN-X posing before its weapons and equipment. 2 clear beam sabers(YES), 1 open hand(why don't you give 2?!), teh shield and the beam rifle plus its extension.

Close up to the GN-X. Somehow, my sister likes this model. Not really sure why, but I guess it is because it's cool! ^^; FYI, the cockpit is situated in the lower region of the body, err... the middle part of the waist unit.

Side view. Man that side skirt is long(same goes for the chest part), good thing you can move it up or down, or else the movement will be greatly restricted. But, FYI, I read somewhere that the reason why those parts are long are to help the pilots move the mobile suite easier.

The rear. GN Tau Drive on top and a thruster at the bottom. But I thought GN Drives can give their own thrust... but I guess it for NOS-like usage. XD

Close up of the rear.

Front view with beam rifle and shield.

Left side view of above. The shield can be rotated, but I didn't rotate it through the course of picture taking though.

Right side view, no back, since there's no difference with weapons and equipment on.



FINAL FUSI-*is sued* Sorry that it's flipped since the "second handle" is pushed out that way.

Someone tell me why I like this pose so much? Yes, that's the GN Long Barrel Beam Rifle, even the name's long.

Dual beam sabers FTW.

All in all, the GN-X is a pretty nifty figure. It quite sturdy as you can see, it can pose quite well(oh man, forgot to take a picture of the leg bending). The leg can bend quite far, almost like real human's legs, FYI(I might add the picture later on when I have the mood). The arms are pretty bendable too, but the shoulder part feels a bit awkward to me, but nothing too serious.

There is two complaints though...

The front armor/chest part can easily fall off! Oh ****! My GN Tau Drive is exposed!

The neck really has very limited turning radius thanks to the collar. I guess that's why it has 4 eyes...

Yeah, with a bit of glue, you can eliminate the chest problem, but I rather not go that far yet as it is not that lose. The head, maybe a collar mod... nah.

Not, a little bit of something else;

"Exia! Eliminating the targets!" - Setsuna

Dual beam saber defense~!

"Guaah~! Taisa~"(just imagine the GN-X flying away) XD

In term of recommendation, sure buy it as long as you like the design since it feels pretty solid to me. Plus, the price of 1200 Yen isn't all that high and pretty standard for a HG kit. Oh, if you need any beam sabers for your HG 00, you can buy tons of GN-X(or GN-X III) to get some more beam sabers, since they fit(or just want more beam sabers). Otherwise the Seraphim is a good choice...

Yes, that's all for the GN-X for now, maybe a bit more latter, but I doubt it, unless I can get a Celestial Being stand or any 00 stands soon-ish. I feel that I should step up my reviewing skills, since I feel a bit lackluster on the current ones. Maybe it's the low quality pictures? ^^;

SPM results tomorrow... >.>


Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you? I am a gundam lover as well and i am also from kuching. Mind if i ask you where do you usually get your gundams here in kuching (at a good price). i am only interested in bandai not TT hongli as the TT hongli stargazer i bought was so loose here and there.

CD said...

I usually buy them from Momotoys @ The Spring 2nd Floor. =)

Anonymous said...

thanks=) i bought most of my 0 gundam, 00 gn sword 3 and some others there at momotoys spring. actually it is a bit expensive there. the best price in kuching for gundam is in satok the videogame shop (kind of forgot the name) however in kuching i know only three main shops that sells gunpla others are just selling it (for shop deco haha and overpriced)
1. satok (that shop i forgot the name)
2. momotoys
3. the (overpriced) sarawak plaza one

oh i wish i am in KL right now because i miss the TIME MACHINE shop that always give me a good price=)

anyways i want to ask you as i have viewed your blog i found that you have XN Raiser. i wonder where did you get it? in kuching???

CD said...

I got it from Momotoys also when it was available. ^^
Yeah, I know Momotoys is a bit expensive but easier for me to go to.

You mean the big shop at Satok there that is about two shops big or the small one? Maybe I should go to Satok again (when possible) to see my luck.

Anonymous said...

the shop on the second floor the big one that sells games and toys=) actually i prefer to go momotoys also because easy parking (i mean weekdays after work i can simply take a detour to spring haha)

fairuzaliayen said...

i went there today and that shop is named GAMESTATION. i always bargain in that shop for the gundams i purchase haha so today i thought of only surveying instead i got an SD CHAR's ZEONG=)


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