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HG 1/144 Arche Gundam Review - Part 2

This will be the last part of the review of the Arche Gundam. You can read the first part here.

This model kit impresses but at the same time I felt like it could have been more. Nonetheless, it is a pretty wicked model kit for 1600 Yen!

Read on for a review on the articulation, actions and gimmicks then my conclusion.

Part 1: Comparisons

Almost as tall as a 500ml bottle!

Head height is very close to my shortest 1/100 Gundam available.

Compared with an Astray.

Compared with the NG 00.

Compared to the HG 00 Raiser. If you look at the previous photo and this photo in succession, it will give you an illusion as if the 00 shrank. XD

Compared with the direct predecessor.

As you can see, the main height contributor of the Arche is the long legs. I guess they are long to maximized the reach of its "Close Quarter Combat"(CQC) efficiency. The main body is basically the same size as the Thrones. Personally, the Arche looks very anorexic, extremely skinny like as if the wind can easily carry it away. XP

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right

Part 3: Articulation
Overall, the articulation of the Arche is quite good but sadly the hip joint wasn't the same as 00 or Cherudim. It would've made the Arche capable of better poses... Nonetheless, it improved the articulation of the Thrones before it like the shoulder section of the arms can move forward and back. However, it seems to still have the same weakness of sagging legs. It is not as bad as the NG Exia but the legs still sags downward by a bit when it is airborne.

Part 3: Action & Gimmicks
Even the Arche gets a rifle mode in its primary weapon.

The shield is more than just a defensive tool, it can also be a weapon. The only qualm I have about the shield is that you can't rotate it, its pretty much fixed.

Beam sabers? Lame. Buster swords FTW.

A little gimmick on the legs. It can be pulled out similar to Virtue's "tanks". The reason for that is for...

...some beam saber on feet action! Too bad the beam sabers are transparent at default. I wasn't able to play much with the "feet sabers" as they looked lame to me with the limited leg spread. If only it had gotten 00's hip joint...

Fangs compartment. Sadly there are no removable Fangs for this HG. Unfortunate as it seemed big enough for Bandai to enable the gimmick... very disappointing.

"Ike! FANGU!"

See this? This is the Core Fighter.

Easily, you can pull it out.

Put these pieces together...
*The binders are opposite from what their position supposed to be. Opps.*

Voila! The Arche Core Fighter!

Looks pretty good from the top.

Part 4: Familiar Scenes
Arche VS Cherudim.

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Really tall!
  • Buster Swords FTW.
  • Quite detailed.
  • Decent (HG) articulation.
  • Melee oriented red colored mobile suit!
  • Buster sword tends to cause the arm to sag due to weight and length.
  • Legs still maintained Thrones weakness in which they are a little weak at the hip section.
  • The white stickers were lame.
  • No eye sticker.
Overall, I am pretty impressed with this model kit. The size, the sword and the color all appealed to me. It was a bit disappointing that the arm can't really hold the sword for long periods of time before it sags down but I guess that can't be helped. The legs could have been much better but that's as far as 1600 Yen for this large HG can stretch.

Recommendation? Yes, I fully recommend this model kit since it costs 1600 Yen which is the same price as the Thrones but it offers better playability especially when compared to Drei and Zwei.

That's all for now. Await for the next review... which I'd like to call it the "Dai-Review" currently. =O


Anonymous said...

it looks like E.S. Asher from Xenosaga universe.i wonder if gundams and E.S. units fought Each other. who will win


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