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MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X1 "Ver. Ka" - Cloak Review

Since I didn't review on the cloak last time and the recent comment from Chris whom was disappointed at the lack of it, I'll dedicate this post to the "Anti Beam Coating Mantle" of the Crossbone X1. =)

Part 1
Part 2

Note: This is just a small review, there are only 26 shots in total. Nonetheless, those who want to see the Crossbone wearing the cloth should take a peak. ^^

Read on for the awesome cloak.

Part 1: "Assembling" the Cloak

Front and rear view of the cloak completely laid out. The shinier side is the inner part of the cloak.

See the "bump" there? The manual tells you to cut it off for both sides, though I didn't.

3cm or 30mm of wire is needed to be cut from the wire given.

The white rectangular thing is a double sided sticker but the sticking strength is a bit weak IMO.

Using the wire and double sided sticker, you roll it in and bend it like so. This is how the cloak looks like from the outer side.

Part 2: Putting it On
Put down the thrusters as shown.

Open up the "holders" on the shoulders and cockpit area(they are white in color).

Put the cloak on the X1 with the shoulder part gripping the cloak first by closing the "holder".

Make sure the cloak is snugly held.

Next, pull the opposite side of the cloak to your left and hook the small hole into the holder and close. Then, put the other side of the cloak(the one that I haven't connected in the picture) into the hole of the cloak and hook it in as well. Hopefully you can understand what I meant. ^^;

Part 3: I Am Batman Crossbone
Gotta love that cloak. Using cloth instead of plastic makes it a bit more realistic and more playable.

It doesn't have much protection from the front though but then again, it is easier to defend yourself from assaults coming from the front. =P

Part 4: Action!
With a little help from blue tack, it shall hold the Zamber once again!

...then again, it still doesn't help much.

Without any extra effort(like using blue tack), this is likely the only way you'll ever be posing the Crossbone X1 with the Zamber. =/


"Riders in the Skies"

"Oreno hissatsu waza..."

Part 5: Conclusion
Didn't take that many action shots though and I think the fist weapons I forgot to pose it in a punching position. Ah well.

At any rate, the amount of poses you can do while its wearing the cloak is slightly less than when without. The most annoying part of it is when you're putting it on and when you're trying to do "wide" poses as the cloak can come off from its "holders". Furthermore, if the cloak is pulled up the cockpit will be opened up. ^^;

Overall, the Crossbone simply looks badass with the cloak on. =D

That's all for this "expansion" post. ^_^


Chris said...

Thanks for doing this post for me.^^

Oh, I you need to do some work on the cloak before putting it on.
I had mix feelings for the cloak. One is it looks good for a plastic model kit, the bad is it doesn't look too realistic. No wonder Bandai decided a hard plastic for Exia. XP

mangyver5223 said...

When I see this picture,it reminds me to the sandrock OVA,that use the cloak.Well, it's look pretty nice enough for me. =)

Nightslash said...

The cloth looks too tacky (if you know what I mean) and thus, unrealistic. Then again, this is no Barbie doll so I guess it's okay, some wear and tear on the cloak (if you know what I mean) would be nice.

CD said...

IMO, the cloth is "realistic" in a sense that it is free flowing instead of layers of plastic. Nonetheless, the cloth doesn't look much OOB but with a bit of tweaking, it may look nicer. ^^;

Nightslash said...

Maybe you should drown it in a dark olive-green fabric dye, use scissors to cut the edges to make it look more tattered (as well as making a hole on the part where it covers the 'X thrusters', so that the thrusters can still be up even with the cloth) and drown it in cold water to make the cloth 'loose'.

Blade said...

I've been looking everywhere and haven't been able to find any help. I got the Fullcloth version of the Crossbone, which doesn't include the mantle, and was thinking of making one of my own. The problem is, I can't find a scan with measurements ANYWHERE. Could you please take your mantle and make such a thing for people like me who want to make themselves a mantle?

CD said...

I don't have the X1 with me at the moment since I placed it in my other house but here is a link that may help. ^^;

Blade said...

It didn't help sadly, as there were no measurements and it wasn't a flat image from straight above, it would be best if it were scanned.

CD said...

I see. How about if you try to use a piece of A4 paper? Try to estimate the size with that. >.>

(Yeah, it being in another location doesn't make it easily available for me to scan it for you unfortunately.)

Blade said...

Yeah, I understand, but could you post a scan with measurements as soon as you get the chance, even if it would take a while? Or perhaps get one from somebody you know who has a version Ka on hand? I'd REALLY appreciate it.

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