Thursday, August 6, 2009

NG 1/100 00 Gundam Review Ex

Price: 2800 Yen
Something slightly different than normal this time! Since I was in the mood to snap some photos just now, I'll re-review the NG 1/100 00 Gundam.

You can read the earlier review here.

Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei
Height: 18.9m
Weight: 54.9t
Armaments: GN Sword II(2), GN Beam Saber(2), GN Shield(2)

Read on for the full review.

Part 1: Box, Box Open, Manual
Since I built it before I even thought of reviewing Gunpla online, so here are some "official" pics instead.

Part 2: Full Body Shot
Compared to a 500ml bottle.

00 Gundam screams nothing but "pure power" into your eyes.

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmick
The arms are a bit disappointing but the legs can up higher than normal due to the shape of the front waist armor.

The arms can go quite high but the legs can spread only oh so far. The HG 00 Gundam can do 180 degrees split. Even the NG Gundam Exia can do better. =/

However, the legs got a full pseudo inner frame so the legs are very sturdy and long lasting. It hasn't weaken on me yet.

Waist joint? The NG 00 Gundam doesn't have one! All the 00 Season 2 NG doesn't have a waist joint! D= However, they can turn a little bit on the top part of the torso though not really helping in the articulation department...

This sad piece of GN Drive looks nice but cannot be moved upwards unless you do a little trick. It can light up but I haven't bought the batteries yet.

The GN Drive however can be moved around to boost 00's overall efficiency.

FYI, the shoulders can move in and out. Sorry, forgot to snap of pic of that. ^^;

GN Sword II - Sword Mode.

GN Sword II - Rifle Mode.

You can also GATTAI the two GN Sword II together.

The shields, yes shields, can be put in two settings.

The blade section of the shields can be moved up and down.

You can connect them to become a bigger shield...

...that can equipped on the arm but it just looks retarded. =/
Note: The shields are a bit fragile and like to come appart easily...

Two pairs of hands. Holding hands and closed fists. I wished they gave opened hands too...

Similar to the Exia, the 00's beam sabers can swivle up and down 90 degrees at the rear waist armor.

Part 4: Action

As you can see from the picture above, the GN Drives can stay up unlike what I said earlier. The trick is to turn them 90 degrees around the shoulder area and push in the connection. If you understood what I meant, you are now able to make the GN Drives stay up without any mods! =D

GN Sword II action. I prefer swords than rifles. XD

I put the shields in the wrong way but... "PIECE THE HEAVEN WITH YOUR DRILL!"

They are supposed to be put like this.

Nothing much to see there though it is an interesting way to make the shield more than just a shield. =P

Delicious beam saber action. =3

"May the SEED be with you..."


Part 5: Conclusion
  • Lower section of the body has a full pseudo inner frame.
  • Legs are very sturdy and firm.
  • LEDs.
  • Weak GN Drive connection.
  • Shields likes to fall apart too easily.
  • No waist joint.
What can I say? You better just buy the HG 00 Gundam instead. Since this "Ex" review came out now, I think it is better to buy the HG 00 Raiser Designer's Color or HG Trans-AM Raiser instead. Cheaper and way more articulated.

However, if you like your model kits bigger then the NG 00 Gundam is still a pretty good choice as its pseudo inner frame gives it a very lasting sturdiness. A little waist mod and do something with the GN Drives, it can end up very nicely.

Of course, with the availability of the NG 00 Raiser Designer's Color now, you would only buy the 00 Gundam by itself if you don't like the "jetpack".

That's all for now. ^^


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

CD said...

Thanks. I like to try to make my posts better every time I can. ^^


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