Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Update - August 2009

Instead of the usual Gunpla fare, lets view the life of the person behind this blog, me. Well kinda.

For the past few months, my air conditioner started leaking, again. This was probably due to my lack of care towards it that led to that problem. At first we thought of repairing it as usual but in the end, my mother opt to buy a newer "energy saving" air conditioner.

Before - Due to the leakage, I had to resort to weird but workable methods. Some tape and buckets. =P Yes, my ceiling needs some fixing as well as my wall.

After - No, the scribbles won't disappear from my wall anytime soon.

The new air conditioner was not cheap and rather expensive as my mother just went with the brand she trusts most - Panasonic. we also got a silverware set together with the air conditioner. Yay, more spoons and forks!

For the scribbles... well, lets just say it is something any little kid would do in their youth. The difference is that my younger sister was quite the artist. =P

Some rat got caught in my father's trap. Oh yes, it was doomed, very doomed. Weirdly, the rat didn't move when I was snapping its photo...

Want to buy games? Want to get your game on? Come here(located at The Spring 2nd floor), they have a variety of consoles for sale and games as well. Burn your cash here for your gaming needs! >)

I got to play the drums for Rockband 2(and sucked as it was my first time touching it) and the Final Fantasy XIII Demo(one battle) just now. =V

Nothing much really happened in my life as I'm still not old and experienced enough to traverse the streets of Kuching alone or have the disposable income of a stable working adult. I'll work on that in 3 years time.

This is a post especially for my close friends who have left Kuching and are expecting in-country/town related posts. Do not fret, I seem to have some club events coming up but at the same time assignments are going to pile up.

I might not post much Gunpla related stuff next month since I'll be really busy with two assignments and I want to get good grades for the better of my future. I might still post some other real life stuff if I have a good amount of photos and info. =)

That's all for now. Arche's review will be finished by this weekend hopefully and one big Gunpla review before the blog become less active. Be prepared for one extensive review with at least 3 posts if I end up doing it on Blogger. =O



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