Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Spring - 2nd Floor - Opening

Today was one of the best days ever. A nice cool day since it rained most of the day and my only lecture class today lasted for a mere 50 minutes! Amazing but sadly this won't happen again, I believe. At any rate, with the great amount of free time available, I went to The Spring to check out and lepak at the 2nd floor.

Read on for the photos and commentaries. =)

I managed to get there by around 11.30am, so whoever came today probably would have seen me hanging around Momotoys.

There was an offer just now which was on the MBO Cinema member card. The first 500 registries will get a free voucher IIRC. Otherwise, getting the membership card is pretty pointless unless you are a frequent cinema-goer which I am not. Anyways, the cinema won't open anytime open pretty soon which is on the 9th of September.

There are quite a number of shops set up there but I did not take a photo of each and everyone of them. Of course, the one that I care most about was...

...this shop. Momotoys - found out about it earlier this year and became friends with them not too long after. I stayed and linger around the shop for hours until the CPA club meeting was held back at campus. XP

FYI, this shop is also called "Momotoys V2.0" by SwatWolf since it is basically the 4th shop opened by the owner. =P

Sitting around these boxes can make anyone want to buy them eventually. So, come here and buy! They have many model kits, figurines, gashapons and so on.

During my "stay" at Momotoys I managed to see WiMAX in action, use a DSLR camera and enjoy the time with friends. I also got to see some Guitar Hero action at the game store nearby. Quite a number of people past by the area which mostly I noticed that regulars actually decide to buy something in the end of their visit. Well, I can't really blame the non-regulars as the shop haven't set up all the price tags yet. Well, if you live in Kuching, you MUST visit this shop, they even sell Robot Damashii, Hobby Japan magazines and Dengeki Hobby magazines!

Well, that's for this post. =)


Chris said... seems like they have more stuffs compared to the previous location? Would like to visit soon but I know the stuff I want hasn't come yet... T.T

I just visited them on Monday too and found out Kamen Rider Black RX that I want is reserved by someone else and I can't buy, even though there are 2 and both are reserved!!

"Hobby Life For You"? That sounds suspiciously like "Wonderful Hobby Life For You" event where Danny goes to...

rj said...

wow..momotoys already opened eh? i havnt got time to go to the sad tht i just notice it in ur blog :(
but thanks, u give me a good info...i will go thre ths saturday...heheh...the shoplooks promising...hehe...hope ths shop will b my 'lepak' place la...heheh...
cant wait to go thre...

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

CD said...

@Anon: Yeah, you can quote. Anyone can quote it if they want. Just don't take it as your own. ^^

Erm, don't plan to use Twitter since I don't think I'll regular enough on it. XD


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