Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple Gunpla Buying Guide

Some of you may be curious at where exactly did I buy my Gunpla from? Well, those who go to the Lowyat forums should be able to get the answer real easy.

There are many ways to get Gunpla and other goods, but I found that Lowyat's Trade Zone to be the best place to look. Even so there are so many things you may be able to get from there and other online trading places/forums, its highly advisable you look at their trade and feedback history first. Of course sometimes you may need to take risks to get what you want. Good things never come easily without taking a good amount of risk in life. ^^

At any rate, this is a simple where to buy guide based on my experience and feedback I've read for a while.

Note: Links to their respective websites are hotlinked through the seller/shop names.

Part 1: Glitz83
Seller Location: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Postage Rate: RM5++(Peninsular), RM10++(Sarawak)

I bought quite a few Gunplas from him like the MG Force Impulse, MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P. and soon enough the MG Exia Ignition Mode. Really nice guy but often busy. Getting in contact with him can be quite hard sometimes but he'll do his best to offer you a reasonable price and probably a little extra. ^^

Part 2: subang880/Famitoy
Seller/Shop Location: Kota Damansara, Selangor
Postage Rate: RM10++

I bought a number of Gunplas from him like the MG Sword Impulse and HG O Raiser. Really nice guy as well but also often busy. You may not be able to catch him online most of the time so a SMS or phone call is the best way to contact him. His prices can be a little high when you do a total comparison between Peninsular shops but sometimes he might drop in a really nice promotional price like the NG Astray Red Frame Clear Ver. for RM70. =)

Part 3: Gundamcool/Touch DIY
Seller/Shop Location: Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Postage Rate: Look here.

I haven't bought from him yet but I've contacted him via PM on Lowyat a bit and find him rather nice as well. His prices can be really low when I compare it to the other shops but not all the time. Overall, his prices seems really good and he seems to be having a sale soon this month...

Part 4: Graffiti Toys
Shop Location: Times Berjaya Square 5th Floor, Kuala Lumpur

Bought once from them while I was at KL the other day. They have a big selection of Gundams in their premise and they stock in a lot of special edition versions such as the clear ones(though priced greatly higher). The prices are quite good, especially their promotional prices. Can't beat RM135 for a 5000 Yen product. ^^ They also have quite a variety of hobby related stuff there as well stacked until the ceiling...

Part 5: AF Hobby
Shop Location: Ampang.
Postage Rate: ???

Never bought from them before but the selection seems to be wide and the prices can really be really good.

Part 6: Momotoys
Shop Location: Ground 2nd Floor Spring, Kuching, Sarawak

Bought from them quite a lot of Gunpla stuff especially earlier this year such as the HG GNX, HG Exia R2 and NG Astray Green Frame. I later became rather acquainted with the staff there especially since one of them goes to Swinburne also(senior). Prices are decent but not as good as before the sudden Yen increase. I feel the prices are so-so but at least they are better than those in the "normal" stores. ^^; Of course, sometimes they do have really good prices like the recent promotional price of RM250 for the MG Sinanju. They also sell a good amount of figurines too.

Part 7: Wide86
Seller Location: Kuching, Sarawak

Bought from him once which was the MG Crossbone Ver. Ka for a really good price. He's a really nice guy and he sells the Gunpla at KL price which make his prices really cheap especially to us who live in Kuching!

Part 8: There Are More Than That
There are of course many other sellers and shops selling Gunpla and hobby related stuff but these were the few that I know, read about and some bought from. If you want to buy Gunpla "smart", you can try buying from the sellers/shops above especially if you're thinking of buying online. You can look for more through the Lowyat's Hobbies & Collectibles section though. However, always be careful when handling online transactions. ^^

That's all for tonight. =)


rj said...

wow...this is a good info for me...whn i was in kl, i used to go to grafitti toy... coz thy sell gunpla n othr kit in reasonable kuching, in only find 1 good store, the momo @ the spring...hehe...recently a frend of mine told me tat i shld go to MJC coz thres a store who sell n gv u a good advice 4 da kit...plan to go thre but hvnt got free time yet... ;p

CD said...

MJC got a shop too? Do you know the name? Maybe I can visit it later on and see it they too got some good prices. =)

mangyver5223 said...

I want 2 know where we can find tt hongli's model kits at kuching.can you list the name of the shops?

CD said...

I know of only a few decent places to get bootleg Gunpla.

The one I went and bought most from is WonderLand which is at Everise 4 1/2 Mile.You can bargain with them to get a small reduction in price.

Boulevard also got but you can't bargain and the price is fixed.

I heard from a friend that there is a shop at Tabuan Jaya that sells bootlegs for a good price but I'm not exactly sure which and what shop. There's also another shop selling bootlegs called WonderToys at Serian I believe.

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