Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally, New Camera Get! Some Early Test Shots At the End

Today was the last day of the PC Fair over here and I managed to go there this afternoon to get a few required equipment for school, life and you get what I mean. No, I did not buy a pen drive since I already got a 16GB one two years back cheaper than the price you see today. XD

At any rate, the major point of my going to the PC Fair this time was to purchase a new camera and a new printer since I need them dearly. My now previous camera was a bit jumpy already and saw the need of a change. As for a new printer, I need one since the previous one is a pain in the arse to find the effin' ink. Shouldn't have bought Lexmark even though it wasn't really my call at that time.

EDIT: Fixed the photos a bit, especially for Unicorn, Unicorn Mode.

What did I get at the PC Fair this time? Well;

  1. Canon IXUS 105 - Brown
    I didn't plan to get something nearly this good but my mother doesn't like to go cheap. XP
    Call it lucky if you want but I guess it was the better choice in the end. The overall photo quality is much better than my previous camera - BenQ DC X720. This one can take pictures up to 12MP and has a very decent macro of 3cm. The light exposure and image stabilizer is also very good for me. Then again, I almost gotten a DSLR instead but did not since I don't want to go that far off the initial budget of RM400. ^^;
  2. Canon PIXMA MP258
    Can't say much about this since I ain't no printer expert. I needed a new printer and this is what the sellers were sellin' and yeah. I also got this one since I rather have the scanner function as well since I scan my stuff, a most of you should be well aware of.
  3. Logitech G1 & Rumblepad 2
    The keyboard and mouse combo was something I've always wanted and the price was right while the gamepad is basically what my sister wanted. XD
    Good thing the price was fairly decent. X3
Well, that's what we basically got today at the PC Fair with some rather high usage of the CC for a certain item (IMHO) but I guess these are well worth it. The camera isn't just for me to use even though I'm in complete possession and control of it (as of almost every tech item in the house). I thank my mother for being kind enough to let us get all these goodies this time. Well, I guess it can be contributed to the fact we were not getting a laptop this time around which requires more $. XP

Okay, enough of telling what I got during the PC Fair this time. I'll show you some nice shots from the new camera though the pics may be a little pixelized due to the huge resize margin. Maybe I should set my camera lower next time since I'm not gonna really use all 12MP. Looks like I just resized some wrongly. ^^;
I decided to try out the "wide angle" shots for this one since I've seen my friend's one. Maybe I should stick to the normal 4:3 ratio. XP

Until the next post (which should be the review of the white and red fellow above)~


Anonymous said...

Cool, now your pictures are more sharper than before. =D

Cass said...

Yep, but I need to get used to this camera some more since it is a lil' different than my old one. XP

heathorn said...

congrats on the new cam ^^
the wide shots are interesting, can capture a diorama scene very well

mangyver5223 said...

Oh, man! forgot to go to PC fair T_T.
But the picture looks so 'delicious' since u use that camera ^_^

Tsukinari said...

nice camera... makes me want one :D

but the picture... i see pixelated/artifacts... lol... maybe its my lcd orz

Cass said...

@heat: Thanks! Yeah, gonna play with that one a bit. =D

@gyver: Haha, there's still another one later this year, don't worry. Yep, the photos are clearer now, which is a good thing. ^^

@tsuki: I don't think you should get a new camera just yet, go finish your new rig first. XD
Urk, yeah, since the photo was resized from a 12MP resolution to a small 800x450 size, it does tend to do that. Hopefully, the "higher quality" checkbox will help make it better next time (which I didn't use yet). ^^;


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