Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Just Made a Parody Comic

For those who do pay attention to my secondary blog would've known I've posted something up there already. Nonetheless, I better say it here as well since most would read my main blog.

The reason why I posted it there was due to bandwidth related reasons. Specifically, my photo hosting bandwidth. To make the comic easier to read, I used higher quality JPEG which resulted in higher file sizes. The images were too man for me to host on Flickr as Flickr doesn't have the easy functions for external posting in bulk.

Okay, enough babbling, read the comic here.
It is essentially a parody of the first half of the first episode of Gundam 00. XD


Choo Sie LIang said...

Haha~ XD !!!SD vs HG...

divinelight said...

never though SD Exia is good.

but I prefer the MG though.

Tsukinari said...

haha... nice

I love those colored artwork! damn

CD said...

@Liang: Yep, something what I like to call, "different". XP

@divine: It was pleasantly quite detailed, more detailed that I initially thought. However, a lot of effort is needed in the painting department if you want it to look anywhere decent.

@tsuki: Thanks! ^_^
I just wanted to try some simple brushing (easiest method of coloring IMO) for my sketches to make them look better and it works out better than expected. =)


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