Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Filler Post; Some Stuff to Say

Like one of my blog entries earlier. Busy, busy life currently. I come back home like, in the evening! o.o

Ah well, I cannot complain much, since we are all gonna get a job that might go from morning until evening sooner or later(unless you're a lucky person to get a job with shifts and non-fixed/non-standard working hours). XP

Anyways, last weekend my mother was okay with me buying a laptop. It was meant for my studies while at Swinburne. Being a money minded person and not wanting to spend too much money on another laptop, I decided to budget my next one to be small and around RM2k. There were only 2 choices at that point, both being Acer.

The good thing about that day was that there was a PC Fair at One TJ(computer outlet in BDC). It was also the reason we bought the laptop then instead of later. Much to my disappointment, it wasn't much of a PC Fair. I mean, seriously, there wasn't much of any good offers except at PC Image... You know? This company must be happy to see us again, back for another PC Fair~ >_>; Since we bought our computer related stuff mostly from them(except last year items).

Like I said before, two options. one about RM2.5k and another being RM1.5k. The difference? RM1k, one is a netbook and another is a semi-lightweight laptop. But of course, the RM1.5k won, it was the Acer Aspire One! Why did I pick it? Why this? A slow "laptop" with only a single core CPU with a small ass screen? It was because of its light weight(not really that light though), small body and the 6-cell battery! It also comes with a newer CPU, the Intel Atom N280.

For some of you, you would say, "WTF is Atom?" or maybe "Is it better that dual core?" or "I heard it sucks.". Nay I say! This is PERFECT! It is also faster from its predecessor, being 0.06GHz faster... You can, "That's it?". OF COURSE NOT! It has an increased front side bus and thus a faster RAM/memory can be used! Overall, it should have a good enough see-able/feel-able difference against its predecessor, the N270(1.6GHz). Then again, I bought this for light tasks and not for mobile gaming which should be done at home, not at a learning institution.

The overall specs are not that much different from its predecessor though, same hard drive size of 160GB and RAM is stuck at 1GB(gee thanks Microsoft in limiting the XP Home license to a netbook to a amx memory of 1GB, **** you). But the best parts are the 6-cell battery and 10.1" screen! Furthermore, the touchpad does not have side buttons anymore but it has a touchpad much like most larger laptops. Yay~

Some pics from this review. Don't worry about the low score, I didn't even see those other two netbooks it was compared to over here(seriously, where's the MSI Wind?). You can read up on the specs through that link also, since I'm not gonna review this, as I have no time. >_>;;; I could be wrong about the unavailability of the other two netbooks...

BTW, mine has a black outer and a silver inner. I hope you understand that. XP

Because I normally put my computer screens at low brightness levels, the Aspire One really last me a good while. The only complaint can be its glossy screen, I can seriously see reflections with it. Sigh~ Why can't laptops come with no gloss? Just matt? Is shiny things all that more attractive than non-shiny things? Well, I should buy a screen protector like a friend of mine advised me to, soon.

It is very useful, especially since it is quite small and easy to bring around. It's like as big as a regular textbook but as thick as 3~5 exercise books though. >>

At any rate, this netbook will be my aibou/partner for a good few years by the least. Hopefully a great low power dual core Atom at 40nm process will come out soon. XD

On another note, on the night before, something totally bizzare and out of this world happened.

While I was fixing up one of my earlier Gunplas(nubs are annoying to see), the V-fin disappeared! I was like, no way, impossible! It was really impossible since I just put it on. Another point is that it fell down facing towards the bed(I was doing it before I slept).

After an hour worth of sleepy searching, I only found 2 of the 3 parts of the V-fin. Ah ****. The weird thing is that I found it within a nearby plastic bag, inside a plastic bag. ...

Note to self, do do any Gunplay after midnight, seriously. o.o

Oh well, Swinburne Orientation Part 2 up next time... when I have some more free time and less tiredness in my system. XD


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