Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Filler Post: Darn I'm Busy

Been busy this week since I was making my passport, attending meetings and doing an event this Friday for the club/school. O.o That and school will start back next week so I'll try my best to do that long promised three way by this weekend since that'll be the only free time I'll have left. XP

Anyways, I recently got the HG Avalanche Exia Dash (obvious) but only managed to build the upper body, head and arms. Exia's old mold really needs lots of detailing here and there but the Avalanche parts are quite alright. Maybe I should've just use the stickers instead of going with the markers since I was kinda tired when doing it earlier this week (I really wanted to build it though). ^^;

For now, some filler content...

Gundam Avalanche Exia "Triple" Dash
Now with THREE GN Drives! XD
The connections are compatible so you can do this with no problems at all!

00 Raiser "Condenser Type"
Might as well, right? XD

Drawn on an A4 paper with an exam grade 2B pencil just now. This is the Voldus G.I.N. (General Inspection Navigator) Type 2 Custom. Refer to this previous post if you don't get it. I only thought of the full name recently. Not an expected name, eh? XP

Okay, that's all for now. I'll be busy until Friday so I can't even do that HG Gaddess post I thought I would do this week before the battle omake. But I'll try to squish that in by the end of this week. Fwah, I'm pretty tired now actually. ^^;


Anonymous said...

Busy is busy indeed... =_=

Tsukinari said...

me too... busy and tired ^^;;

3 GN-Drive Gundam Avalance Exia MK3!!


must deflect this poisonous attack!!
must thinks of the Dark Saber that will out soon!! before that, no gunpla!!
or... must do the backlogs first!


Chris said...

Heh, I've thought of a 3 GN Drive Avalanche Exia a year ago already. In fact, I've made a 3D version of it:

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

variation spam lol XD

haha we all busy now~~~ next 2 week i will be bombarded with tests and what not ^^;;

that voldus sure looks like WZC or something :D

Sie LIang said...

I think the OO Gundam should took off the O raiser ,that would be better look with the condenser...=)

heathorn said...

3 GN drives!!
OO is nothing compared to your new unit, hahaha


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