Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow, Totally Didn't Expect That

PG Strike Freedom?! Really didn't expect it and it is done under Katoki some more... Wait, does that mean it is going to be plastered with lots of decals later?! O.o

Ironically, it looks like something I've designed before. No joking! I do have to say this looks way better than my lame attempt of recreating the Tactical Arms. ^^;
Technically, I took the design of the Tactical Arms and changed the thrusters into those daggers/boomerangs you see now and made it separate-able just like the original TA (this one is solid).
However, this one is a little different from mine (besides looking way cooler), I can see that they added another dagger in-between as well. The sword can contract and expand too. Heh, too bad I didn't scan my own version onto the net before. Wonder if it can detach the main blade to create a huge beam saber (or can just form it without detaching)?

...I want it!
EDIT: Oh, found a scanned sketch of my design.
Well, I did design it within the 00 Qan[T] lineage after I saw the early designs even though it was based on just Astray and 00 when I first made it. XP

Okay, that's all for now. Until he next post... WHERE'S MY PG EXIA?! D:


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

its pretty something that makes me surprised as well. PG SF, looking at the PG rendition, i think without the wings MAY looks nicer, but who knows? but know they give a PG to SF, that should be a pretty good preferences, just in case i will be rendering a SF in future (Hopefully XD)

OOQ Full Saber..the name is pretty funny IMO.nevertheless, the movie comes first, lets see the final configurations in the movie

well, who knows if bandai designers look over fan designs? XD

chubbybots said...

Nah i'll still prefer getting and RD Strike Freedom then PG ^^ I enjoy more playability!

I like your redesigned Quanta actually with that face and red color scheme!

Anonymous said...

PG SF... That took me by surprise... Never expected THAT (a broken stats unit) ONE to become a PG. And thankfully it's not Unicorn (I can hear the Bandai's designing dept rejoicing XD).

Hmm... A "so-called" exclusive, I'll wait, it happened again *points to the Unicorn stand incident*.
With the Full Saber config, Qan[T] looks better, IMO. And the blades at the sides of the main sword looks... detachable.
Tempting. =D

Aggressive usage of line shadings, I see.

PG Exia... *points to PG 00 Raiser*

Marzz said...

Are you gonna get it?^^
I ain't gonna start on PGs anytime soon, so no big deal to me.^^

hiroy_raind said...

the GN Sword IV actually looked silly as it had extra blades that points towards the MS itself when wielded by hand.

Syful said...

PG????? That's written down in my to GET list! YEAH!!

Zeon_Two_Six said...

Probably getting the 00[Q] full saber; just look how effin' sharp that SOB is... :D

*dreams of having the suit dual-wield two swords... XD


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