Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Wish Setsuna Would Use This in the Movie

Switched the shoulder "verniers" with the GN Drives from the 007S/G and put on the weapons you see above. Whatever that can fit though. XD

After completing this kit, I totally love this alternate configuration of the Exia though the legs are a bit bulky and not so easy to move about. Well, more on that on a review post later.

Considering how the Exia R2 only lost an arm and a GN Sword in the last episode of Gundam 00, I don't get the reason why it isn't available in the movie from whatever we have seen so far. Besides that, the 00 Raiser is very beat up (arguable that it was fixed up as the 007S/G in the 00V Senki) yet it can refitted with GN Condensers that can do Trans-AM Burst. Well, maybe Exia was used to make the 00 Qan[T] since Celestial Being faced a financial crisis... or so the Gundam with a mass amount of weapons tells us otherwise (Zabanya).
~End Rant~

Enjoy the teaser post~

FYI, my break is over already so I'm back to school again. Not so busy just yet but considering how I don't really post that often even during the break, I don't think there will be a problem with my blog postings, not anytime soon anyways.


Anonymous said...

That mobile suit has too much high power, man. XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

quite an overkill i say XD

chubbybots said...

This is really overkill lol!!! Somehow i prefer him with less weapons :P Asthetically more pleasing haha!

SoujiShinogane said...

Almost to the extreme lvl of overload weapon...XD

Tsukinari said...

looks awesome!! Overkill indeed!

mangyver5223 said...

the suit looks heavily armored. And i can say it was an awesome configuration. 3 GN drives reminds me to Archer Gundam

Josh Healy said...

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Marzz said...

Damn overkill.... Talking about the movie... It will be even better if Fon Spaak is in it. :D

MaftyNavue said...

What the...

divinelight said...

well, I really doubt it can move...

Mikee said...


Its too Small!!!

need More Stack it more!!!

Like a Jenga!!

Yeah Until it toples over!!

Why am I ordering you?

CD said...

@bd: You can say that again. XD

@ZD: Not really, the XN raiser load out had more swords. >.>

@chubbs: Quite true but the Avalanche appeals to me quite a lot. Then again, the Exia R2 is where the Exia really is (IMHO). Just the right amount of armaments.

@gyver: Yep, it totally does since the Avalanche Exia Dash has beam saber "feet" as well.

@Marzz: Fon will totally do something awesome if he did. :D

@Mafty: Loss of words? XP

@divine: With GN Drive tech, it so totally can.

@Mikee: Lolwhut. I might try to stack more stuff on but no promises there. ^^;


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