Monday, August 9, 2010

Momotoys Sales!

"Dear hobbies and fans,

Momotoys will be holding a stock clearances sales starting from 8th of August to 31st August 2010.

Discount up to 20% for all the Model Kits available in store,and 15% discount for all the PVC Figures, Chogokin, Action Figures, Trading Figures, Gashapon and etc.

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to your presence."

Like I stated at the end of my previous post, I decided to spend a little extra since a discount opportunity came up at Momotoys. Lots of choices in my mind but I went with the ones I feel that I really want at that moment. Sure, the Mega Sized RX78-2, HGUC ReZEL Commander Type and HGUC ZZ tempted me but I just didn't want them for some odd reason.

At any rate, I spent my cash on these two which I "sort-of" wanted for quite a while but pushed to the side due to other prioritized purchases.
There was only one box left for the Gaddess (my fav Ga- suit) while I just like the design of the Savior. There is a high probability that I'll do a custom color scheme for the Vent Savior but not in the immediate future as I've just finished my previous "big project". Hm, a light gray body with dark blue colors sounds nice. :3

At any rate, can't wait for the HG Exia Avalanche Dash and HG Qan[T] to come around. I really want to build the Qan[T] for some odd reason. >_>


Aya said...

So how much you got them ? I think 15% sale is useless if they sell them very pricey like most store did these days.

CD said...

RM100 for the Vent Savior and RM60 for the Gaddess. Since their prices are lower than a general store, it was quite worth it. ^^

mangyver5223 said...

Hope RG will be sold ASAP at momotoys.....and hope also they will give discount to RG also XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

V saviour :D

my my, after discount the V saviour is still rm100?? Gusto got it for 108

Aya said...

Somehow it's like they turn into their original price lol

CD said...

Yeah, now the prices are closer to KL area price. :P

Chris said...

Hmm... since this is a stock clearance, I doubt discount will include future new stock like the RG.
Sounds nice, just make me regret purchasing from them past few weeks. If I waited, maybe I could have got them at dicounted prices. ^^;

And sadly, I don't think anything else tickles my fancy at the moment.

divinelight said...

ahhh you get Vent Saviour. I really like the model, but NG 1/100 is not my area... I really hope there is an HG for him soon

discount is really something dangerous. well, i got my next kit thanks to the discount in my area too

Marzz said...

Gaddess!!! I want one! I have always wanted one sine it was released.... And about a year later... I still have not gotten it yet! :P

Siroh32 said...

First and foremost, sorry for the mess of comments in your RD Turn A review. But I will note (if I haven't before) that it did encourage me to get the RD Turn A.

Anyway, after recently getting five 1/144-scaled Gunpla from the TAG lineup, I was wondering: Have you thought (for any given reason) of maybe trying your hand at an older model?

CD said...

@Chris: If you'd like, I can say they have the Cherudim Saga on discount as well. :P

@divine: Why not?

@Marzz: Haha, you'll get it one day, I'm sure of that. XP

@Siroh: I have thought of getting some older models before and gotten a few MGs (God, Shining, Zeta A1) but I mostly just get what I like and able to find locally.

However, since Bandai seems to be "re-releasing" older Gundam series Gunpla (MG Wing series, HGFC, HGAW), I don't really see a need to hunt down any old kits unless I really, really wanted it.


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