Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long Awaited Omake - AHEAD VS Aizu VS Astraea Type F (AAA)

Sorry this took a while for me to actually put up since some of you waited for it ever since that HG Astraea Type F review I did a few months back. It wasn't really easy for me to do so I did this pretty linearly with not so much poses for the painted HG Aizu Gundam. However, I hope you enjoy it... I can say I rushed a bit near the end with non-stop action though. XP

Read on!

Note: I used Photoscape on all the photos and Photoshop only some, merely for the smoke effects. Didn't put much effort into the effects since there are 59 photos to edit. ^^; Some photos are a bit green-ish or a bit too bright but I hope you won't mind it much.

At another place...

At another another place...

Or Burakku Aizu if you want.

And then they meet, mid-flight of Aizu's path actually.
Fon* knew his path and intercepted earlier than expected.
*Fon Spaak is Gundam Astraea Type F's pilot.

Fon has his own Veda terminal. See 00F ending and recent 00I scans for further information.


And the fight continued for the two.
With a twist, Beside only lost the other wing binder instead of a total defeat.

Sucks, doesn't it?


Two down and Fon had "fun".

Okay, that's all for now. Sorry if the Aizu didn't seem "reactive" enough, I made Beside relied a bit too much on the wing binder functions while fighting Fon. Fon just spammed his weapons non-stop and I guess I can say it overwhelmed Beside. Then again, Fon did defeat two Garazzos and three Empruss before... and Beside was down by a Sefer Rasiel (using condensers only) piloted by a dying man.


Anonymous said...

A long hiatus makes a long post, eh? :D

Seriously, picture #15 will make John Rambo proud (fully armed and decked up).

Poor Ahead, always never see who is fighting before jumping the gun. XD

And alas, another 1.5 0wned in another blog (the other is mine, just asked Ryoma about it). XD

SoujiShinogane said...

Ahead as the bait of Gundam...Lol

Zeon_Two_Six said...

Quite the three-way I was expecting... although the Ahead had to pay the price first... XD

Tsukinari said...


poor Ahead and his precious one >_<;;

Marzz said...

Oh my, poor Ahead....

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

overpowered gundam overpowering another gundam in which leads to another overpowering action to take place...

insanity packed with a series on twists XD

CD said...

@bd: Not really a hiatus but can be considered a hiatus since I didn't really made any big posts this month.

The Aizu is unfortunate even though it looks cool. XD

@Liang: The AHEAD never had a chance. XP

@Zeon: Haha, quite predictable, eh?

@Tsuki: Yeah, AHEAD lost and the bazooka broke. :C

@Marzz: Always the unfortunate one on this blog. ^^;

@ZD: No one can top Fon, he's too crazy even if he were to die. XD

Mikee said...

I sympatize with the Ahead

*Wanna go down it with beer and talk crap about our enemies?*

Btw FON vs Hallelujah!!! You gotta love CB and there Hyena soldiers

divinelight said...

great battle scene, like the fight


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