Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Next Time...

...after some epoxy at the pelvis and paint. XP
Doing it rather slowly but my finger had to rest. :P

Anyways, have ya all seen the latest 00 Movie trailer? Or perhaps the song PV? With that said, I'm kinda hyped to see what is actually going on in those scenes. Some have speculated there are going to be aliens, perhaps even mechanical beings. Hm, interesting but we'll know the real deal when the movie comes around.

Also, looks like Setsuna will indeed use the 00 Raiser (Repair) in the movie with the GN Sword IV. Haha, another kit from Bandai will come soon. Marzz, are you gonna get it? XD
After seeing the trailer, the Zabanya and Harute really does stand out. Zabanya with its bits and Harute with its six eyes. o.o Raphael, without the "backpack unit", is spewing out Tau particles which gives an idea about its gimmick...

Okay, that's all for now. Anyone played the translated Tales of Innocence yet?


http://bd77.wordpress.com said...

Was hoping there is going to be a match...


Luckly I'm immune with 00's movie line up kits. =D

Zeon_Two_Six said...




p.s. Mind checking my new site? I know it's still quite hollow but I'll fill it up eventually... ^^

chubbybots said...

Wait wheres the epic fight??

Haha well it does look like aliens..perhaps this is the code geass crossover :P....or maybe I might see shining finger again haha (but that will never happen ....)

Marzz said...

Muahaha! I decided to wait this time round!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

gotta like how the height of Aizu giving the feeling of superiority~!

hmm...6-eyes Harute..when i see GN-X, i thought 4 eyes is too much...and yeah

"Sometimes Bandai's designers can be weird" -rndm-

^imma holding on that ^^

maybe the 6-eyes is the Marute form? who knows?

Evaritus Lau said...

Epic battle huh ?

Well, the only thing that I like ish.....Zabanya's 2 kind of bits form to spam moar beams ! Harute's look is really mean 1, I like !! Now for the Raphael, what other secret would be revealed ?

Sie LIang said...

Type F vs 1.5 = coming soon XD
can't wait to see the review of 1.5 Gundam =)

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

im digging Zabanya's 3-squares-shields+rifle bits formation SPAM!

mangyver5223 said...

hehe.......moar strange speculation about trailblazer :P . BTW, feel surprised that there are repaired 00 in that movie :D

Tom said...

actually if you paused the trailer at around 1:11 to 1:12 you can see...00 raiser!

CD said...

@bd: Patience. Wished the weather is less rainy though... but I'll still go on.

Good for you, less spending for that time period. As for me... x.x

@Zeon: Soon-ish. XD

Saw it and I add'd you to my blogroll. ^^

@chubbs: Not yet~ XP

I'm truly hoping for something epic since it does seem possible to be quite "out of this world".

@Marzz: Hm, I'll take your word on that. Hehe.

@ZD: Me too, one of the point of the mod actually.

Marute, eh? Could be possible.

@sbhboi: Hopefully I can make it epic. XP

Yep, they are looking pretty good so far, kinda overshadowing the 00 Qan[T]. XD

@Liang: "Coming to a blog near you."

@ZD: Beam spam FTW?

@gyver: Not so surprising but I half expected them to use the Exia R2 instead but then again, they did use the 007S/G post season 2 in the 00 Senki.

@Tom: Yeah, the 00 Raiser returns with a whole new not so easy to see GN Sword IV. XP

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