Friday, August 27, 2010

HG 1/144 Gaddess Review

The review is up over at my Wordpress blog.

I don't really have much to say about this one since I felt the kit was done pretty well. Anyways, has everyone heard about the ATI Radeon HD6XXX series slated for a November 2010 release? And, oh, it is almost the time of that year again where Independence Day is celebrated in Malaysia. Even so, I don't feel anything about it this year... which could be due to the puasa season overlapping it.

EDIT: Oh yeah...

Source HERE.


Tsukinari said...

ooo.. nice review~

Ive heard it long before Nvidia kicks their GTX 4xx XD.. too bad Nvidia is uber late.. soon ATI will strike back lol..

Tho I was hopping HD6xxx series is the new 28nm technology (codename Northen Islands).. but ATI decided to release HD6xxx as HD5xxx refresh with updated/tweaking, something like crossover between 5xxx and Northen Islands and codenamed Southern Islands ^^

I wonder how Nvidia will do after that.. we might see Fermi v2 or something like that ^^;;..

yeah.. me too.. didnt feel anything this year lol

and that is UBER OVERKILL!!

00 Quanta GOD MODE LOL

Anonymous said...

I can sense Setsuna smirking from ear to ear if he ever gets THAT monster.

That's not just a twin GN drives, but... more than four?

As for the graphics card, I have to change my whole setup (cpu, board, ram and power supply) before I can use a new one.

Tsukinari said...

Unlimited GN-Drive Works!! XD

hm.. depends whats ur setup right now.. the HD6xxx series still use 40nm tech.. but if u think ur setup too old .. maybe should upgrade ^^;;

CD said...

@Tsuki: Looks like the HD6XXX will just be a refresh of the HD5XXX from what I've read so far but I'm expecting something good from ATI (while continuing the low power consumption). ^^ I was also hoping for a lower node as well but I guess they couldn't make them yet.
If nVidia can find a way to reduce heat and power consumption in their next release, then it will be a more formidable foe to ATI once again. However, right now, even with the raw power, it just isn't "there" yet.

I've been considering an upgrade to the HD6XXX series for a while already. Well, I'll await after reviews and what not come out before I make my mind up.

@bd: Haha, yeah. XD
Technically, there should be three GN Drives on this config. One at the torso and one each at the binders.

Hm, true. Maybe its time for those quad cores and beyond already. XP

Tsukinari said...

@CD - thats what I said in the first comment - HD5xxx refresh with a bit tweaking and crossover/hybrid with Northen Islands and codenamed Southern Islands.. and still 40nm instead of 28nm since the factory will start 28nm process next year ^^

Nvidia already reduce the head and power consumtion with their GTX460..

CD said...

Yeah, I was repeating what you said for the first half of the sentence. ^^;
Have you seen the rumored benchmark? Seems promising if it's true.

Oh, is that so? *goes to check some reviews again*
Ah, my bad. With that, it looks like nVidia should be able to fight back with their next product line... whenever that will come since they are still releasing the GXX4XX series unless they might upgrade this line more soon-ish (the higher end ones).

Nonetheless, I'm rooting for the red team. XP

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

overkill is overkill...

oh wait...*mind explodes*

Mikee said...

*Slashes all Other non 00 in the wish list*

I Wanna Build it, I wana Build, it, I wanna Build it!!!!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

@Mikee LOL~!


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