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HG 1/144 1.5 Gundam (Black Ice Custom) Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of this post here.

Sorry that this post took a while to get up. I was a little preoccupied with a certain SCII for a bit the past few days. Played through the campaign but I kinda feel meh about the story. Roughly a good end I can say.

At any rate, there won't be as many shots this time around since a painted Gunpla is hard to move around without scratching it too much. That and the body is a bit hard for the camera to see properly. XP
I did have to touch up some sections, using marker, from time to time due to small scratches though - just the black parts. I can't really do anything for the other colored parts though. Ah well, but the metallic paint seem to be more scratch resistant than the normal paint.

Note: The ones with the white backdrop are newer since I felt a lot of the photos taken after a while were "too dark".

Read on.

Part 0: Some Words
What did I use to paint it?
Nippon Paint Pylox spray cans. They roughly costs RM7++. I also used one Silver Zebra Oil Based Paint Marker for those "silver lines" and touch ups. Roughly costs RM6++ now.

What colors did I use?
Flat Black, Executive Gray, Sparkling Silver & Violet Blue.

Do they smell bad?
Wear a mask while painting in a well ventilated area. Seriously.

I also turned the waist around making the rear skirts the front skirts and vice-versa which made it look quite nice as well as hiding the rough hip joint better. ^^;

Part 1: Comparisons

That's one huge height difference due to the hip mod. XD

Aizu: "I'm totally taller than you and have a cool color scheme nii-san. =D"
Reborns: "..."

Its finally taller than Arche... by a bit. ^^;

Too bad it can't beat any standard 1/100s.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
I actually haven't detailed it much but the photos were brighter then since the weather was, well, brighter looking.

Stand By Mode... which somehow looks awesome. I added some more panel lines when I started using my old white backdrop again. Sadly, some parts have some scratches here and there due to posing. Nothing too serious though.

Part 3: Close-Ups
Not the best paint job but I am quite satisfied with the result. I do have to note that you should be careful when painting joints and connections though, they can be troublesome to move if the parts end up too tight after painting.

Part 4: Articulation & Gimmicks
Now even it can do the splits! This is due to the hip mod I did. Otherwise, it has the basic ball joint range.
00: *sneezes*

Shoulders can be pulled out and move in and out, very flexible. The wing binder has a number of moving points, even one joint that doesn't seem to be necessary (look at the top wing) as far as official poses go.

Because the hips are situated a little lower, high kicks are quite possible. I didn't do it after painting but I assure it is quite possible. The arm can bend more if you want something that looks a little awkward by removing a peg which I've stated in the first part of this review. I didn't do it since it felt unnecessary.

The head can go up and down quite well. Menacing poses are go. The upper torso can bend forwards to back and the waist can go all the way around.

Note: It can semi-do Reborns transformation gimmick though I don't see why you would do it since it isn't complete.

Part 5: Action
Sorry for the lack of beam saber poses, it was quite risky to do since one of the handles totally got scratch'd. I touch it up with the black CD marker so it isn't easily visible at any rate. ^^;

Flight Mode.

Hi Speed Mode.

Attack Mode.

Alvaaron Cannon.

Binder Rifle. (Freedom Burst Mode!)

Defense Mode (?).

Note: To configure the wing binders in various configurations, you'll need to move the "ring" portion of the backpack as well... that'll be nicely illustrated in the manual if you do indeed buy one for yourself.


*plays Gundam SEED's opening song*

Part 6: Conclusion
Omake coming up next week. Laty-late-late. ^^;

  • Great articulation all around which is only limited by its default hip connection.
  • Wing binders brings great playability to the model kit.
  • Shield is annoying (clash with shoulder armor and wing binders) and is fixed in one position.
  • Transparent beam saber and condenser clear parts.
  • Why is the parts blueish in color and not purple?! (At default.)
Overall, the HG 1.5/Aizu Gundam is a good HG to get in the 00 lineup. Even if you don't mod it or paint it, it is pretty nice already... well, too bad it isn't exactly purple like most would like it. I don't like how the shield connects to the arm since it is totally inflexible and rubs against too many stuff on that side though... I also wish they gave it a pair of open hands so that I can do this pose.

Well, that's all for this post. I'll post the awaited three way battle (which I'm still thinking on how to go about it) up after another review of a recent get since the photos are done.

Read the omake for this kit here!


Anonymous said...

I like the colouring, very nicely done.

The Binder over the shield is called the Defense Mode, alright. And the shield, its blocking the movement range of his left arm by 80%... :<

chubbybots said...

Haha well i stopped playing the campaign now in ladder mode! The ending quite predictable for SC2 though haha! Anyways Aizu looks damn good with this color scheme! Think i'll borrow this hehe!

Sie LIang said...

Type F:ur finally here,so I can crush u so badly!!
1.5 :.....= =lll

Zeon_Two_Six said...





Tsukinari said...

damn.. the more I look the more awesome Aizu in that color scheme >_<;;

Mikee said...

"Wake UP!" Whoops, not the right guy.

This Guy Is bloody Tall for a 1/144 though.

mangyver5223 said...

my expectation is this black ice's height could nearly reach HGUC Nu Gundam

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Great one~!

lol@three way XD


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