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MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X1 "Ver. Ka" Review - Part 2

This is the second part of the review for the Crossbone Gundam X1. You can read the first part here.

It took me roughly 3 days to build this guy. 1st day for the torso, head and arms. 2nd day to rest my tired left holding hand. 3rd day to finish off the rest of the body and weapons. Photoshoot was done roughly a week later. =P

Read on for the rest of the review! =D

Part 1: Height Comparisons

Height compare with a 500ml mineral bottle and its weapons.

Compare with NG 1/100 00 Gundam.

Compare with MG 1/100 Turn A Gundam.

Compare with HG 1/144 AHEAD.

As you can see, the Crossbone Gundam X1 is quite small as it stands 15.9m tall in the manga. ^^
Thus, it is roughly about 15.9cm in the 1/100 scale. Really quite short as you can see my tallest HG, the AHEAD, is almost as tall as it! It really surprises me how detailed something so small can be. ^^

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right
As you can see, the Zamber and Buster Rifle can be mounted on the side skirts of the X1.

Part 3: Core Fighter
Core Fighter.

The following is about how to put the core fighter into the X1.
Pull up the "cannons" which are actually the beam sabers. They can also act as beam cannons.

Fold the nose in and push the cockpit area slightly downwards.

Empty back of the X1.

Putting it in. Make sure the sabers go into the holes on top as well.

Clip to make sure the core fighter stays in place.

Opening the "wings"/thrusters.

The thrusters can be moved.

Part 4: Articulation
Pretty good for a no polycaps model kit. Be careful though, I find the skirt armor parts love to come off easily when I was playing around with the "limits" of the legs. =P

Part 5: Weapons & Gimmicks
Part 5.1: Cockpit
The cockpit basically have "2 doors" because of the core fighter hatch.

Part 5.2: "Heat Release"
You can open the shoulder armor like so, similar to the Strike Gundam.

Face plate can open up similar to Shining Gundam and especially its predecessor, the F91.

Part 5.3: Beam Saber
Beam sabers are here. Push from the back to slide them out.

Like most newer MGs nowadays, there's a peg on the palm that can connect to the weapons to enable the model kits to hold them firmly.

The X1 looks nice wielding the beam sabers. =)

Part 5.4: Heat Daggers
Somersault dagger in your face! =D

Dagger kick into your cockpit! >D

The daggers are also hand held weapons. Though, the daggers here are also the same daggers usable on the feet.

Part 5.5: Brand Marker
Simple mechanism. Be careful with the wrists now. Don't push the armor plate too hard when you reach the hands.

FYI, the Brand Markers can also form a beam shield as can be seen by the manga though something Kinkedo didn't really want to use... The beam shield is strong enough to enable the X1 to do an atmospheric re-entry!

Part 5.6: BusterRifle...
I wonder if they designed the proportion of this weapon wrongly... -_-

Part 5.7: Zamber
Cool looking weapon! But X1 can barely hold it well... the hole on the weapon which is supposed to connect nicely with the peg on the arm just doesn't work due to the shape of the handle... -_- Disappointing. The best weapon and you can't do much with it...

Maybe, with some blue tack it can help? Well, not really, the weapon is a little on the heavy side as well, so it was also a no go...

Part 5.8: Zambuster
GATTAI the Buster rifle and Zamber.

At least X1 can hold the weapons properly in this position! =/

...though a bit sideways...


Part 5.9: Scissor Anchor
Take off the front skirts.

Open them up like so.

Attach these "wires" onto the hole for the front skirt armor just now.

Attach the front skirt armors to the end of the "wires".

This weapon is good for grabbing back the Zamber that Kinkedo seems to throw at the enemy once in a while. ^^;

Part 5.10: Screw Whip
Stored in the rear skirt armor. Just pull them out like so.

Put in the hand. It doesn't really slot snugly into the peg, but it can be easily held by the hands.

Connect to the need-to-cut-wire and attach to the "drill". And start a-whipping! I haven't cut it yet though... lazy. XD

Part 5.11: Anti Beam Coating Mantle
OOPS! Haven't even took it out of the plastic yet. Really reluctant to take it out for now. Maybe in the future I'll finally open it. But for now... Continue here.

Part 6: Randomness
X1, pierce the heavens with your "drill"!

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!"

"Its burning grips tells me to defeat you!"


Cross FINGER!!!
End lame attempt at "Shinning Finger" parody.

Part 7: Conclusion
I totally love this Gundam! Its a pirate and it excels in melee! Yay for melee fighters!

  • Small and easy to keep due to less space needed.
  • Quite cheap at 3500 Yen.
  • Large set or armaments.
  • Pirates.
  • Cloak of awesomeness.
  • Intimidating face.
  • Skulls.
  • Katoki.
  • No polycaps?
  • Zamber can't be held properly.
  • Small, fragile parts(wrists, face plate, etc).
  • Elbow connection can come off quite easily.
  • Need to panel line it to look decent by the least. Snap fitting isn't enough.
  • Some really annoying nub marks especially on the inner frame.
  • Might need some extra work if you want to apply all the decals.
  • Katoki.
  • No polycaps?
Overall, I like it quite a lot. You might want to avoid this kit if you do not want to bother yourself with such a small wonder. If you have built the Wing Ver.Ka or the F91, the X1 is about the same height as them.

Get it or don't get it? Well, if you like pirates and melee oriented Gundams, this kit is the one for you! At first I was like "okay" with this guy but after I got it via request from my sister, built it and then read the manga, I like it a lot more. ^^ Also, for 3500 Yen, why not? Unless of course you want to gun for the Full Cloth version instead which costs 4500 Yen with more armaments but lacks the cloak though.

Okay, that's it for now. Until the next post.


Chris said...

lol The pro and con is both Katoki?
And so it really doesn't hold on the weapon as properly as rumoured.

I also noticed that you haven't done the most important part of a ver.Ka kit. Decals. That's why you put Katoki as con? XD
I was also looking forward to the cloak but you didn't show it.

Hmm? Oh, your sister is also interested in Gundam? That's rare.

CD said...

I won't put decals on any of my Gundams until I get me some topcoat. Wanna make sure the the overall appearance doesn't end up looking like decal/sticker on toy plastic. =P
Anyways, I like my Gundams simple looking. XD

For the cloak, I still don't want to open it and cut the needed to cut parts. Maybe next time. >_>;

My sister and I virtually share similar interests. ^^

Chris said...

Share same interest, huh? That's nice. ^^
I had a brother and he doesn't even like Gundams as much as I do. XD

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