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MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X1 "Ver. Ka" Review - Part 1

Price: 3500 Yen
Who would have thought of it? Pirate Gundams. Cool.

Well, at any rate, I built this earlier this month and just read the manga yesterday. So, I understand the "workings" of this Gundam much better than when I just bought it. The X1 happens to be one of the three main Gundam units of the Crossbone Gundam manga(which you can find online). Unfortunately, I haven't read the F91 manga which seems to tie in with the Crossbone story, though it doesn't seem to be really needed.

Short Mobile Suit Summary:
The Crossbone is actually the F97, somewhat a successor to the F91, but not entirely. It excels in melee combat and seems quite lacking in the long range department even though it has a beam rifle. For most parts of the Crossbone manga it is piloted by Kinkedo Nau, a space pirate, and in the sequel by Tobia Arronax. It uses a core fighter(some kind of jet) as the core to operate the Gundam. With that, pilots can eject themselves out of the Gundam when the need arises.

Pilot(s): Kinkedo Nau, Tobia Arronax
Model Number: XM-X1
Height 15.9m(!)
Weight: 9.5t(empty), 24.8t(fully equipped)
Generator Output: 5280kw
Vulcan Gun x2
Heat Dagger x2
Beam Saber x2
Scissor Anchor x2
Brand Marker x2
Zambuster x1(Buster Gun x1 + Zamber x1)
Anti Beam Coating Mantle x1

Woah, that's a lot of weapons!

This part of the review will cover just the box, runners and building process. If you don't like to read that, then you can just skip this post and read the 2nd part when I post it up soon after this one. ^^

Part 1: Box
The box wasn't as big as I thought it would before I finally bought it. It's roughly the same size as any NGs that you can find nowadays. Of course, that doesn't mean the amount of work will be the same as building an NG...

Part 2: Box Open!
They stuffed quite a lot of runners in that small box. =P

Part 3: Runners & ClothAt a normal glance, you will notice the cloth first. Yes, an actual cloth, but I don't know how the material feels as I did not open it as of yet and it will not be in this review for now. What's the pupose of the cloth? Its an "Anti Beam Coating Mantle" which is used by the Crossbones in the manga to reduce the need to use a beam shield which takes energy.

Another thing you'll soon notice is the parts are quite small, to some really small. If you do not buy and build HGs regularly, things can get ugly. As some parts are really small, they tend to be made of really thin plastic which can break easily if you're not very careful in assembling. Not only assembling, but when you pose around the finished product. So, be careful with this model kit. ;)

Most of all, especially if you have been building many models already, you'll quickly notice the lack of any polycaps. Yes, that's right, this model kit doesn't have a single polycap in it! Everything is plastic on plastic connection. I don't know if that's a bad or good thing, but whatever works for me, as long as the model kit don't fall apart too easily.

The standard Ver. Ka manual cover. Simple, yet effective.

Part 4: Building
Part 4.1: Torso
For the chest, they give you the option to use a crest decal of the Crossbone Vanguard or a skull. I picked the skull as it looks way better than some crest. Soon after building the torso, I soon realized how much extra work is needed on this model kit to make it look decent. Straight building simply won't cut for it!

If you noticed the empty cockpit, that's because it uses a core fighter to operate.

Part 4.2: Head
Note: Becareful when you assemble the face mask, I heard it breaks easily.

Gotta love that gimmick. Intimidating!

Part 4.3: Arms
Arms are pretty straightforward but the hands can get annoying to put together as the parts are really that small. Be careful with the wrists especially as I heard they also can break easily.

Part 4.4: Shoulders
This is a first for me, the shoulder armor has an internal frame! Nice and it opens up too!
The opening gimmick is for the Crossbone to "release heat". From what I've heard, its because the mobile suit produces too much heat it needs extra vents to release heat from.

Part 4.5: Complicated Waist
This is one of the most detailed and complicated waist I've ever built! It has many parts and gimmicks which I'll cover in the next part/post of the review.

Part 4.6: Legs
The legs are pretty much standard MG legs. If you paid close enough attention to the legs, you'll notice a "hole" at the back of the legs. What's that for? Well, that's the storage space for the Heat Daggers. ^^

Part 4.7: Core Fighter
The core fighter... more complicated than I initially thought it would be.

That's how it looks like when it is inserted into the Crossbone's torso.

Part 4.8: Weapons
Buster Gun.
I didn't like this one much and it doesn't seem to...

Totally love this weapon but...

I wonder why they need to combine two weapons together? Does it really make it that much stronger if the weapon's longer? ^^;

Heat Daggers.

The rest of the review will continue in the next part...
Part 2.


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