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HGAW 1/144 Gundam X Review - Part 1

Price: 1800 Yen

Looks like everyone guessed right for my preview post. Obvious is too obvious. XP However, there is more than what the eye can see to that certain knee mod. Read on for the first part which encompasses the building process as usual as well as a how to make the GX's legs bend better.

MS Specifications:

MS Brief:
Gundam X AKA GX-9900 AKA GX is a Gundam that was created right before* the After War era and was found 15 years later by Garrod Ran who then became its pilot ("If this works, I believe in God!" ~ Garrod Ran). Unlike what you can already see from the boxart, a Gundam wielding an moon-powered BFG, it also has a bit system. This bit system is unlike the usual flying small stuff that goes around pewpewpew but is actually a whole army of mass produced version of the GX. Of course, you need to have a certain degree of skills and Newtype potential to actually do it.
*Technically, the GX caused the end of war and started the After War era. Watch series for more!

Part 1: Box

The GX was the first non-UC kit to be announced under the HGUC line-up with a HGAW label instead. This was a very welcomed change in Bandai's long time HG line-up which does not follow any currently airing Gundam series. It also incorporates the HG 00 polycaps which is known for its great articulation range for this scale (of course, the RG RX78-2 is stealing that spotlight now) and grade.

Part 2: Box Open!When you open the box, you are welcomed with a good number of runners and nice color separation to cover most of the important details of the kit. If you think this sentence sounded familiar to a certain video review, then I totally got influenced by him. XP

The manual. It uses the same style as those HGUCs. Very straight to the point.

Some kind of form. Too lazy to read/check out what is it for. >_>

Part 3: Runners
There may be a lot of runners but the runners are not really big nor "full-sized". Thus, you can expect a X Divider soon enough which also looks amazing with that shield that can shoot beams.

There is also an adequate amount of stickers, mainly for the beam rifles and Satellite Cannon, for those who are unable or unwilling to paint. Those shiny reflective foil stickers are really shiny.

Part 4: Building Process
Part 4.1: Torso
I was pleasantly surprised that the clear chest piece was molded in clear green plus a reflective foil sticker for the underside. Makes it look pretty good. The moving connections on the backpack are completely made from ABS parts. I actually thought it was gonna use PC parts before building, looks like I was dead wrong.
Bandai kindly gave black stickers for the vents but I didn't use them and just panel lined it. ^^;

Part 4.2: Head
Very, very little amount of parts. The helmet is all in one piece!

Part 4.3: Arms
When I was building the arms, they felt really, really small. So be careful when handling them, there could be a risk of... over excessive force applied (from you). It has a HG standard 90 degree bend for the arms. Only one pair of hands, the basic HG hands, which is actually VERY disappointing for me. It so needs open hands for flight!

Part 4.4: Legs
Nothing special about the feet construction, same 'ol.

Now, the part you have been waiting for...
Before actually doing anything, I spread out the parts of the legs and start with the left leg first. I actually thought that the thigh leg armor at the rear was the only cause from the photos I've seen, but that wasn't the main cause. You still need to cut it a bit though.

The main culprit was...
The knee connection itself! For some odd reason, Bandai limited the upper leg bend. It doesn't seem all that necessary, not that much anyways.

...and so, I cut the "limiter" by 2/3. A relatively simple cut.

Then, wuh-zah, more breath for the knees!

A visual look at how to cut off the rear thigh armor using just a side-cutter (right leg side shown). After cutting it off, use a knife to smooth-en it out.

If you didn't cut... (I already cut it here actually but I wanted to show how far it can bend without any modding.)

If you cut... which is much better!

It isn't really necessary to cover that part with armor since the "inner frame" goes all the way into the thighs. Sometimes Bandai's designers can be weird.

Oh yeah, this is what it should be OOB! However, anyone can mod the knee connections, even with just a pair of side-cutters and a knife. Then again...

Part 4.5: Waist
The rear skirt is fixed this time around like most HGs.

Part X: You Know the GX Kneels a lot in the Series...
A natural kneeling pose achieved!


Wonder if it can still do it with the full backpack on later. >.>

Part 4.6: Satellite Cannon!
Note: There is a gray handle near the tip which can be pulled out for the GX to grip.

Note: The front gray panel can be slide out!

So shiny, it made the photo look dark. ^^;

Part 4.7: Shield Buster Rifle, Shoulder Vulcan

After applying the stickers (I decided to go the sticker route in the end), do you see something?

OMG! Two rifles! Actually, it is the same rifle in its two modes, just separate. According to rrobert, it helps to make the rifle less flimsy instead of having the full gimmick in a single rifle. It also helps to bring out more guns into use. >D

Part 5: To Be Continued...
That's all for now and I'll leave you the GX in its signature pose. Darn, we need Virsago and Ashtaron! :P

Continue onto part 2 here!


GunStray said...

You know with all this complaints and bashing we word out to bandai, Im kinda thanking them for there wierdness...I mean its like they want YOU to fix their flaws and inspire you to make it better, b yourself. Or, they want you to go buy there more expensive Robot damnashi couner parts. I dont know If I got there marketing right.

Im digging that cute BFG of this plamo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the modding tip, there. That WILL be a good help...

Excessive Amount of Poison Detected.

Must... control... ha..*stabbitied*

Anonymous said...

Agreed that we need Virsago and Ashtaron! GX need to upgrade as DX too! XD Nice photo reviews.

CD said...

@GunStray: Valid argument there. But still, Bandai can be weird. ^^;

@bd: Hehe, so you'll be getting one soon? :)

@Wen: Thanks. Yeah, DX too. But I kinda want some enemies for GX to fight against first. XD

divinelight said...

it's quite simple though.
but the glimmering sticker surely is good

Sie LIang said...

finally....T T!!!the Gundam X gimmick was very cool,that kick reminds me "Karate Kid" XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

ohh so the knee joint itself is something flaw there~ pretty good mobility you got there~

and yes, HG GX looks very nice, but now that im completely into modding, so i might wait for DX or Ashatron
(yes, i like Ashatron~)

mangyver5223 said...

yeah.....its a simple mod but has great change to the leg articulation. *salute*

Chris said...

Is that knee mod applicable to HGFC G Gundam too, I wonder...

CD said...

@divine: Shiny~ *.*

@Liang: Is that so? I've been kinda doing it for a couple of reviews ever since the Astray Blue Frame though. XP

@ZD: Yar. ^^

So you're not gonna get the GX but straight to the DX?

@gyver: Thanks. ^^

@Chris: Their knee joints are not exactly the same. The God Gundam don't need it anyways. Its just that the shape of the lower legs prevents it from bending further.

Endy-6 said...

Oh! u finish faster than me, though I start my GX last month. ^^; good reference to me, especially the leg. ^^

chubbybots said...

Just hope they release those 2 baddies to complement this kit!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

@CD depends. if the DX is something great for me , so i might go for it.oh yes, same if they gave it awesome mechanism~

keionfan said...

Is the front part of the chest the green part alway have a gap ? or is it the design.

CD said...

@Endy: No prob. ^^

@chubbs: Yep, but that we hafta wait. Looks like its Unicorn season again next. XP

@ZD: I see.

@kei: Seems to be part of the design.

agitornador said...

Hey guys, does fully cutting the "limiter" has side-effects? Just curious, wanna buy this guy but I'm outta "ammo" :)

CD said...

Limiter? You mean the armor blocking the upper knee joint?
There isn't any side-effect for that.


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