Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spray Painting is Actually Fun

For those who don't pay attention to the secondary blog, I recently (more like yesterday) try out spray painting. This is just a test try-out so perfection is not guaranteed but the results achieved was pretty pleasing for me. ^^

More here and here at my secondary blog.


GunStray said...

not completely sure, but spray painting works ONLY or atleast best when the area is warm or something like average temperature, (frosting issues)

Can't spray paint since Its usually cold, funny cuze its summer^^

Tsukinari said...

Ohh... going further I see XD... well.. I dunno bout spray cans since I rarely use is (Im suck at it actually) so AB is my go... lol.. but as GunStray said ... best when on hot day lol... good going ~

Chris said...

Spray painting is fun.... until where you have do lots of masking for tiny parts for kits with poor colour seperation. ^^;

MaftyNavue said...

hmm.. spraying and painting? which one is more fun?

Syful said...

DONT do spray on a cold rainy night.. I did that last night and i got bubbles... =.='

CD said...

Haha, yep, cannot spray when the weather ain't good. I actually had to wait a while before the surrounding temperature and humidity was good enough before I actually did it. ^^

@Chris: Yar, that'll be a pain but I got the masking tape ready since I'll need it soon-ish. =P

@Mafty: Depends on you. I find both quite fun. ^^
Both has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is hard to actually say which is overall more fun since I only sprayed once so far. >_>

Siroh32 said...

*wave* Hello. I just noticed this blog entry, and having recently trying out for the first time myself (and on a model I liked), I must say you handled it with much more skill than I did. Now, of course, I don't have photos of my test subject--the 1/144 NG Turn A Gundam--to compare to yours, but I'll just say I needed to do a bit of research and get some extra common sense before ruining any more parts.
The shield didn't make it for reasons of idiocy, and a couple of parts may not be in good condition after some hacking at it, but the model turned out okay. It has colors a bit closer to the anime than it did, and it now can at least moderately attempt a pose your RD figure (and MG) can do successfully.

I bookmarked your entry so I can at least learn a bit more for a possible Attempt #2.

CD said...

Welcome Siroh! =)

Patience and a good amount of preparation is key here. I actually went around and asked a person who have done it before quite a lot as well as a good amount of Googling before actually attempting it. Even though this was just a test, I really wanted it to come out successfully or at least acceptable. ^^

I only did one area (white armor) for this test so I don't know how it will go for the next attempt, which is the actual thing (need to mask and so on as well).

heathorn said...

be sure to wear a mask when spraying.
I am usually lazy to find a mask and what I get is a coloured jelly inside my nostrils XD


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