Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simple Omake #1 - Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form VS God Gundam

Due to popular demand, here is an omake comic strip for Den-O VS God Gundam! It might not be as good as the usual stuff though since I'm lazy to fully edit it with effects and what-not (no text bubble, just text under photos like what Z usually do). However, I did try out some PS techniques from BD's recent post for some of the easier to edit images...

EDIT: Updated two photos.

Read on!

Momo: Kuso! Where did that Imagin-yarou went off to?! Eh... where am I now?

*Momo suddenly hear running footsteps close-by*
Momo: Yosh! That must be him!

Domon: Rain! Rain! Where did you go! That thing with Allenby... it isn't what you think! D:

Domon: Hey you! Did you happen to see a red Gundam (Rising Gundam) pass by?
Momo: Gundam? Nanda sore wa?

Momo: (Hmmm... since that Imagin ran away, maybe I should have fun with this baka-yarou.) Oh yeah, I did saw this red Gundam. >:)

Domon: You did?! Where did you see she go?! :O

Momo: Shikashi! You have to get beat me first before you'll find out! ORE...

Momo: ...SANJOU!

Domon: What?! You bastard! Don't tell me... what did you do to Rain?!

Momo: What did you think I'd do? Sa... KOI!

Momo: Uh, what's that weird voice I'm hearing right now? Ah, maika.


Momo: NANI?!
Domon: Tell me...

Momo: !!!

*insert random slashing here before... yay laziness and limited free action bases~*

Momo: Yarujaneka... It's time for you to witness my hissatsu waza!



Domon: Naraba...

Domon: Hissatsu! GOD SLASH!
Momo: Ore no hissatsu waza... VERSION 4!

*insert epic clash here*

Domon: HEAT END!
(I don't know if it's possible with the beam sword but whatever. XD)


Momo: GACK! *flies off*
Domon: Oh wait... TELL ME WHERE RAIN WENT!!!

Quite short and simple. Hope you guys like it. I really couldn't think of any other random reason except making Domon chase after Rain for this random meet-up and for Momo... lets just do Decade world logic. XD


Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm proud of ya. Really do. You used those effects nicely, da ze.

*thumbs up*

p.s. should have a sparking effect when the blades clashes. =D

CD said...

Thanks! ^^
I wanted to, but had no idea how to do it. After asking you at the chatroom, I tried it out though it doesn't look that good. :P

rj said...

cool! i like it! love it when u do some strip :P

Sie LIang said...

Domon :Go back where u came from..!!
Momo : aaaarrrgggg!!!

chubbybots said...

Wah special effects upgrade! I seriously need to learn this!

Lol at the decade world logic ^^ (looks at momotaros flying across the sky...)


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