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HGFC 1/144 God Gundam Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 here.
Wah, looks like this review was a bit more popular/interesting than usual from the comments I've read since I kinda said a lot more than usual even for just the first part. XP

Anyways here is the second and final part.Nothing out of the ordinary for the omake scene since it may be something most of you would expect but nonetheless, hissatsu waza time. XD

Note: I just noticed I forgot to change my ISO settings from a previous outside-photo-session which required a bit of an ISO bump. This affected the photos a bit (including the ones in part 1) but hopefully you guys won't mind since I don't want to manually edit 100+ photos just to reduce some noise. ^^;

Part 1: Height Comparisons
Actually, the HGFC God Gundam isn't as short as it is supposed to be (16.6m VS 18m).
In fact, this shows that it is not scale accurate though it is a pleasant bonus as it doesn't feel so darn small.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down

Still don't like those holes on the wings. >_>
And those are some long rear skirt it has, was it supposed to be that long?

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
Standard shoulder articulation.

Wings can swivel at the side.

You can push in and pull out the middle chest area.

Limitations of a single jointed neck...

You can open the vulcans but you will need to remove the cover and re-attach it in a way that makes it look open. Don't really care that much about this since I won't be playing with em' much.

Crest within the chest. Wished they gave a shinny King of Hearts sticker for it instead of a bland shiny red sticker...

Pretty much standard HG articulation here with 90 degrees bending for arms and double jointed knees.

It can spread rather well but...

The pelvis connector will have a high chance of coming out when you spread the legs... VERY ANNOYING. Most of the time when I do any kind of dynamic pose with the legs, it just pops out. :/

Waist articulation is pretty good. It won't do any 360 degree turns but it can bend back and forth quite a lot.

Of course, the wings can open up. ^^

Unlike the MG, the leg thrusters has an extra step (you have to pull it out first) before you can open it which I find helps to ensure the covers to stay opened much better.

I think I already said it in the first part but here is a better visual on the arm guards. Yes, you really do need to pull them out to change modes. ^^;

Unlike the MG, the beam sword holsters do not turn all the way around. It can swivel a bit only but I find it much more better as I don't need to swing them and force them hard to fix them into the proper position when taking photos. :P

Part 4: Gundam Fight, Ready? GO!
God Punch!

God Slash! (actual name)

God Kick!
Even though you see that some awesome kicking poses are capable, it will take quite a bit of time and sweat to properly set up since the freaking legs like to come off by the pelvis joint especially. There could be a random chance that the legs might pop off by the knees too but that could just be me. :(
The most safest kick pose you can do is the side-kick.

Bakunetsu God Finger!

Sekiha Tenkyoken!

Part 5: 1800 Yen VS 2500 Yen / HGFC VS MG
Note: I did more detailing on the HGFC than the MG, so, yeah.
Is it me or does the HGFC has longer front and rear skirts?

The chest looks better on the HGFC though.

The HGFC face looks better since the face is more inwards than the "chubbier" MG.

The HGFC actually wins here except for the neck and maybe if you consider the leg problem...

The MG wins hands down here. The legs are properly proportioned and looks more natural.
FYI, if it isn't obvious, the MG has double jointed feet while the HGFC doesn't.

Not much difference here except the cockpit details and design aesthetics for the core lander slot.

Slightly different opening mechanisms but the MG overall has more details.

Which do you prefer more? A sliding mechanism or something you have to pull out and re-attach?

The MG has a better kneeling pose here.

Note: Put on the crest wrongly in the past so it is senget. XP

Also, the MG comes with an unpainted Domon Kasshu figure!

Part 6: Omake
AHEAD VS Domon/God Gundam

AHEAD: I feel like I've met him before... nah, this one is tiny! HAH!

Domon: Hmph, if you think that size is everything, you're very wrong!
Hey everyone, who pwned a colony-sized enemy again?

Gundam Fight, Ready? GO!

Domon: This hand of mine is burning red!

Domon: Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!

Domon: Bakunetsu God Finger!

Domon: Heat End!
AHEAD: So it was you... ORZ.

Destiny VS God
I actually can't think of a good scene for them other than this.
*insert clashing energies here*

Part 7: Conclusion
  • Good part and color separation. All the more noticeable details are well done.
  • Incorporates new HG articulation.
  • Nubs are quite well hidden.
  • Proportionally awkward due to shorts hips and unnaturally long lower legs.
  • Hip joints weren't made properly. Spreading the legs causes it to push against the waist causing the pelvis connection to pop off.
  • Lame sticker for the crest in the chest. They should give a shiny orb sticker like the MG.
  • Price is way too close to the MG (1800 Yen VS 2500 Yen).
Overall, the HGFC God Gundam is not up to my expectations. Quite disappointing. It isn't bad but some of its shortcomings causes some displeasure while playing with it.

Even the overall build is actually better than the MG (better channels as said by rrobert), the MG is a better choice. Sure you won't be able to do the kicks that I've shown here but if you're not so much into that and just want to do the trademark God Finger and Sekiha Tenkyoken attacks, it is a better choice to go with the MG. I mean, the difference is only 700 Yen and you'll even get an unpainted figure of Domon Kasshu! It has an inner frame, lock mechanisms (no, no falling off legs there) and a shiny crest. ^^

However, if Bandai decides to continue this line further, the added benefit of having the other notable Gundams such as Nobel, Shining, Master, Spiegel and so on would make it a nice buy as you'll get a chance to, well, collect em' all.

In conclusion, if you're not so into God Gundam or HGs, this one should be avoided. Maybe so for God Gundam fans too since I'm frankly displeased. It is proportionally awkward and I wanted it to kick, it can but it takes too much effort to do thanks to some engineering flaw. If you still want to get it, it isn't all that bad, just don't go spreading the legs too much or you might think otherwise.

Okay that's all for this post. Sorry if it is more negative than usual but Bandai failed this time with this one. ^^;


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

a very great review this time! or maybe because it is negative? LOL

anyways, from my point of view, looks like for G's HG rendition, they fix the proportion halfway (lol) the upper half looks sharp already, too bad the lower half of G looks awkward. for me myself, i think the MG rendition looks better (if they made MD to have same ankle guard as the HG then it will be a full win)

but i shall wait for HGFC Master

Chris said...

True, as Zoidiect said, it is better in the upper half body compared to the MG than the lower half.

Hmm...a HG Nobel or Master would certainly be nice, if they don't inherit the awrkward proportions...

Zeon_Two_Six said...

Well, the Ahead got Pwned... again... XD

BTW, where the heck is that 3-way @$$-whoopin' featuring the Astrea?

CD said...

@ZD & Chris: Hm, yeah, you're right about that. The upper half is the good part but they failed when it got to the legs...

@Zeon: Well, that one will be delayed since the Aizu Gundam is getting some stuff being done to it (not yet do since I gonna do some tests first before going for the actual build). ;)
So, be patient and hope my plans goes well. XP

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you've showed its' proportions, was thinking of going to get him. But now... meh... Pass.

GunStray said...

Oh c'mon,pitting God gun with a random cannonfodder is like pitting Bruce lee with a steel can^^;

I was expecting more articulation on the leg for this guy,seeing how it relies more on body attacks. and sliding mechanisms have its own flaws too, though rare it gets loose quite fast, though remove peg also suffers from the same problem.

Marzz said...

Ahead down. Yet again.....

Sie LIang said...

Once again,A-Laws has been defeated one more time.And had to fall back again...XD
Destiny vs God?i think is a draw!!:p

CD said...

@bd: No prob.

@GunStray: Haha, just wait until a HGFC Master to come along (or any of the others), then a real fight can be done. ^^;

Yeah, I was expecting it to be more flexible considering how it fights in the series and all but...

@Marzz: AHEAD is just a cannon fodder, what d'ya expect? XD

@Liang: A draw? You can think of it like that(since I can't think of a proper fight between em', not now anyways). XP

mangyver5223 said...

man, I can labelled this Gundam as Kung-fu Gundam. BTW, you can try to cover the hole at that core lander wings using putty :)

heathorn said...

overall I still prefer MG, but you are right in terms of face HG wins.

Love the story with ahead, your god's poses are accurate like seeing the anime, hahahaha


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