Friday, July 30, 2010

Aizu KAI Additional Preview

Taking a short break now since my finger got a blister (the non-painful one) from the drilling work. ^^; I did have to hold drill bits (the sharp area) with my bare fingers. I guess it can't be helped.
Anyways, I managed to get the body built and sanded but the wing binders and armaments are yet to be put together.

UPDATE: Mod explanation here.

Front & Rear

Decided to try using the Reborns' GN Drive for the back. It doesn't fit in normally and after drilling the hole in the cone larger, it still barely fit. Maybe with a bit more of drilling later or else I'll go with the actual GN Drive for it.
I'm actually trying to AVOID masking the clasp for the GN Drive when I'm attempting this. ^^;

A bit more closer to what I consider "scale height accuracy". According to my calculations, it will really be 1/144 if it is about 16cm tall.

At least it towers the 00 Gundam better now. I feel that this is how it is supposed to be instead of that minor height difference at default.

Articulation Test

Not So Fast
Dang blister, I wish thee away! I can still continue actually but I think I'm gonna rest my hands first. I did all this yesterday and today (cut -> trim -> sand -> superglue some -> sand some more -> mod/drill). ^^;

Other than that, I find the Aizu looking very nice even without adding any stickers or fine detailing what-so-ever. Amazing huh? Is it because of the design or HGs are just that darn good?
Did you ever feel that the Aizu looks a bit like a mage? I think so because of the arms design, kinda looks like a robe.

Color Scheme CHANGE?
Also, should I go with the default color scheme or go with the black color scheme? If I use the default color scheme, I'll paint the white with the sparkling silver that I used on my Gale Strike the other day. If I use the black color scheme, I'll use flat black to paint the white parts (it will look similar to the hobby magazine version).

For both options, I'll paint the blue parts violet blue (dark metallic blue I presume) which I think will look nice. I wanted it to be metallic purple but I couldn't find any purple sprays. D:

The other colors are easily guessable.

If you're wondering why some parts are missing, I left them out so that I disassemble it easily later when it is time to paint it. Better than masking too many parts. I also loosely connected some parts.


bd77 said...

What did you used for the pelvic joints? That's a whopper, the 1.5... His articulation has increased by, what, 80%?

As for the colour, I'd go the black one, looks more nasty. >D

Ribbons: Cursed you, Beside... Cursed you...

p.s blogger is doing its PMS again with OpenId...

CD said...

For the pelvis joint, I just used a lone PC1 polycap with the 00 pelvis joint. It doesn't look so solid so I may have to reinforce it with some epoxy later. I don't think superglue is enough, not with the small surface area. ^^;

I think I should do a WIP post about the mod later.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

ah, so you drilled the insertion directly~ thought you're going to hack the leg a bit.

and now Aizu Kai is giving me the same feeling as UC DM. tall, and sleek~

CD said...

I actually thought of hacking it but that would take a little more effort and cutting.

Though, if anyone wants to try;
-You'll need to hack the 00 parts (the unnecessary circular "ring").
-You'll need to carve in a semi-circle at the hip section.
But it will be shorter for sure but more visually appealing. ^^;

Tsukinari said...


nice mode!! now can do high kick~~

GunStray said...

Ahah Your using 00's pelvie leg piece, no wonder this guy can do a ballerina^^, speaking of which planning to extend the skirt armor a bit longer or your adding some plating above the Aizu thigh to hide a bit of the pelvis joint?

Go Blue purple, That looked Really Royal^^, throw in some gold if you can

CD said...

@tsuki: Thanks but I think it should be able to do a high kick normally.

@GunStray: Unfortunately, the legs will look as they are. No pla-plates to use here. If I did, I rather make a whole new joint instead of ripping one from the 00. ^^;

Gold? Hm... if gold, you say, which section will be suited for that color?

GunStray said...

Gold trimmings, like the side panels of armors in royalty used armor. or like sinanju gold trimmings...yeah it probably be much too of a hassle^^;


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