Friday, July 23, 2010

HGAW 1/144 Gundam X Review - Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 here.

Been playing too much online games and other important real life matters. Only one month for my semester break left and I haven't even touch Aizu yet. Then again, it has been raining everyday. Maybe I should do a straight build (without detailing) first (with my plans in motion too) and take off the parts for painting when the weather is good again.

The GX is actually quite fun to play with. As such, some "unusual" poses are taken which are near the bottom of this post. >D

Read on!

EDIT: Added another "pro" I forgot to mention; "It feels quite solid".

Part 1: Comparisons
The GX stands a little shorter than the grand-daddy of all Gundams (17.1m VS 18m). The God Gundam is just scale inaccurate (17.1m VS 16.6m).

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Throughout the review, I'll be leaving the Shield Buster Rifle on the left hand since it is technically a shield. However, the rifle you see standby at the back is the same thing... just a different mode (the GX only has one rifle).

Part 2.5: Close-Ups
No matter how you look at it, the HGAW GX is very solid and well made. The potential nub marks have been minimized and placed in less noticeable areas (mostly at the rear portion of the kit). Then again, this fairly common for most HGs nowadays thanks to the progression of technology and Bandai's skills.
I'm still a bit unhappy that the HGFC God Gundam was less fortunate in the "solid" feel due to the legs.

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
The shoulders can move forwards to back as usual. The shoulder vulcan can move forwards to back and rotate a bit. The Satellite Cannon parts can move about a lot (can turn a complete 360 at the backpack, etc).

The head can move up and down quite well. FYI, the neck is double jointed.

Waist can turn a complete 360 and rock forwards to back like most HGs nowadays.

The legs has a great spread for ball joints. The connectors by the pelvis is made of ABS plastic so it should bode well to abuse. Well, it doesn't sag like my Reborns' anyways.

With the knee mod done upon it, the GX really has good articulation at the legs.
Wonder when Bandai will make that 180 elbow connection a new standard for HGs? They did it for the HG 0 Gundam but sadly they haven't used it again...

Part 3.1: Setting Up the Satellite Cannon
Starting point is here.

Part 3.1.1: Hovering Mode
Turn the the BFG and panel as such.

Move up the connector a bit outwards.

Open up the panels and you're done. Poses in the action section.

It looks really nice. ^^

Part 3.1.2: Satellite Cannon
Turn the BFG and panels as such.

Pull the connector outwards and...

Pull it to the right side.

Open up the panels and move the BFG downwards to "rest upon the shoulder".

BFG "rest upon the shoulders" as such.

Pull the grey panel outwards and the handle out.

Orientate the panels 180 degrees. You'll need to pull the panels out one by one to do so. Be careful of the head when doing it BTW. ^^;

After you turn all the 4 panels.

Finally, grip the handle with the right hand. Poses in the action section.

Part 4: Action
If only Bandai makes a HGCE ABF in the future...

Shield Buster Rifle action.

Large Beam Sword action. Gotta love GX's large beam sword. Its really nice IMO. :)


Satellite Cannon!

Final shot!

I mean, the GX should be able to kneel, no? Those who have watched the series should have seen it kneel a heck lot, even in the manga.

Part X: Illogically Fun Poses
Strike Noir's pose.

Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle pose.

Freedom's HiMAT (Full Burst) pose.


The hand sagged after a while though. :P

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Good articulation (needs a knee mod to make it better however)
  • Great color/part separation
  • Reflective foil stickers for the Satellite Cannon and chest section panels are good
  • It feels quite solid (parts don't fall off easily, can hold poses well)
  • Limited knee articulation OOB
  • Ball joints for the hips
  • Feels a bit pricey
  • Only one pair of hands
Overall, the GX is very good. Better than the HGFC God Gundam in fact and makes it even better that it came before it. The details are very anime accurate and Bandai covers most of the important details very well until you don't really need to do anymore than a simple OOB build.

I'm still a bit worried that most of the new HGs are 1800 Yen and above though. Stuff are getting more pricey lately but I guess after building this guy, it makes sense - the details and engineering is getting better.

Alright, that's all for now. Next up, the RD X3. :D
After some more online gaming. >_>

BTW, can you guess which two were my 4koma for Z's 4koma contest? :)


GunStray said...

Hand sagging, is it using the same kind of arm hand joint from the 00 s2 line, cause those things are terrible, My seven sword can barely life its weapon now(i have to review it too sometime)

Prism bicker! Heato, Luna, Joker, cyclone!!Maximum drive!! sorry couldnt resist^^;;

hiroy_raind said...

LOL Prism Bricker XD

nice review. and thx for tips on modding the knee joint :D

I'm totally waiting for X Divider & Double X.

Anonymous said...

Urgh~! Those poses... *gets hit with poison*

ONORE RNDM~! *shakes fist* >.<

Him. Next month. Done.

Besides, just got myself... "something".

Sie LIang said...

LOL...XD,Prism Beaker..Double/W Extreme style.
Just imagine: GX + GDX = Gundam Extreme X...haha just kidding X)

mangyver5223 said...

woo...this GX's potential nub marks was minimized and this situation also happens with my ZZ G. Btw, comapared with my old ver. of HG double X, it has major improvements such as the green clear part at chest and flexibility

divinelight said...

good review.
maybe I should start reviewing my avalance exia? *thinking*

MaftyNavue said...

lot's of people seems start to do knee's modification eh?..

the X beam saber really unique..

CD said...

@GunStray: Its not meant to hold anything like that anyways. ^^;
I hold the same sentiments on the 007S/G as well but it is obvious it won't hold it up well for long. Can't beat physics without some real GN Drives. XP

@hiroy: No prob. ^^
I'm also waiting for those two, especially the X Divider since I really like the shield...which, IMHO, looks better than the GX's default shield.

@bd: The poison is strong. >D

@Liang: Gundam Double X Xtreme! Or something like that. XD
With its Prism Bicker, it uses the powers of the moon to defeat its foes!

@gyver: Yeah, it indeed does which really makes it a good buy for any Gunpla collectors. =D

@divine: You can if you really want to. However, take it slow and steady when taking many shots of various angles. It can take quite a lot of time, depending on how much you want to do.

@Mafty: The default articulation is unacceptable! I want my GX to bend and kneel well! XP
The beam saber, well beam sword is like that considering it is called a "Large Beam Sword".

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

awesome review as usual.hey hey, seems playing with the backpack sure gives better poses there =D yep, poison is strong XD good thing i planned something big for Jegan, so i can resist this one =)

Evaritus Lau said...

Ah, this should kicks off the mood to build it, now collecting dust for a month...^^"

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