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SIC Kiwami Tamashii Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form Review

Price: 1200 Yen (!)

Wow, my first S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin) and its Den-O! Though it may not be the regular sized one, I feel it is quite close to them nonetheless - at least from what I can sum up from Ngee Khiong's review recently here (read all the 9 parts if you want).

This series of smaller scaled S.I.C.s are relatively new (as far as I know) and are priced very attractively. Because of that, I really couldn't resist buying one when this one came to the local hobby shop. Though Wild Chalice arrived first, I didn't feel the "want" for it, just in case anyone is wondering why I didn't get that one first. However, if they made the normal Chalice, well, that's a different story altogether.

Info regarding Den-O over here in Wikipedia.

Read on for the full review!

Part 1: Box
Its packed in a small transparent box. Small and compact packing which shows everything inside so you will know what you'll get without the need to open it. I think this is a good packaging for something like this. Simple.

I took the front box, as usual, and the head was turned to the right a little. No problem though. I noticed that he boxes seem a little "dirty" at the top but doesn't to be a problem.

Part 2: Box Open!
The main body is held with metal wires while the smaller parts are taped in. It has been a while since I've opened anything with metal wires though since the recent Robot Damashii purchases are covered by another transparent plastic "box" layer to hold the stuff in. The metal wire proved to be useful later though. >.>

Part 3: Manual
A simple one-paged manual that tells you what you need to know about the playability of the figure.

Part 4: Taking it Out
& Height Comparisons
Very minimalistic in parts actually. I can't complain since it costs only 1200 Yen which is considerably "cheap" already for such an item. Nonetheless, there are enough parts for most of the signature poses. ^^
Though I would like some coffee... XD

Not that tall but not incredibly small IMO. Its about 11cm standing.

Part 5: Front, Rear & Closeups
Superb detailing all around and decent painting. The only miss is the white parts which seems a bit messy for some odd reason. The metallic red and silver is where is at though. I totally love the visor the best, very nice effect. o.o

The "opened zip" for the front section of the torso is also a nice added touch. ^^

From simply touching it, there are no metal parts for this figure. I can honestly say it is made of plastic and some soft plastic for the whole thing. This makes it very lightweight.

Part 6: Articulation & Gimmicks
The head can turn left to right quite fine. Can't turn a whole 360 though (don't dare to force it).

The head can only go up and down very little. Disappointing. ^^;

The waist can turn and wiggle front to back a little.

The arms and legs can twist in almost every joint. Quite flexible there. :)

No details at the feet, only that...

Couldn't really balance it properly on one foot so I did this. Pretty good articulation there.

It may not be able to do the splits but the spread is pretty good. I notice that the "side-skirts" tend to fall off whenever I spread the legs though. It has a flimsy connection. ^^;

The ankle articulation was not so "visible" at first for me. You really have to give some effort in moving the ankles sideways which I thought was not possible at first due t it being "hard". Though, it tells me that the ankle is very firm.

You can switch the "side-skirts" from "empty" to "standby" for the weapons for both sides. Be warned (reminder) that it kinda pop off easily when you spread the legs. ^^;

Part 7: Action!



"Time for my hissatsu waza..."

*insert BGM here*


I wonder how that thing always return after they throw it...


Nice sitting pose. ^^

Look, the metal wire comes in handy here! XP

Part 8: Conclusion

  • Great price (1200 Yen)
  • Great details
  • Good playability
  • ひっさつわざ (HISSATSU WAZA) Not really a valid pro but meh.
  • Sloppy paint job on the white sections
  • Flimsy "side-skirts"
Overall, this figure is really good! I totally recommend this for any Kamen Rider fan, especially those who liked Den-O. ^^

That's all for this post~ 'til the next post. :)

Read the omake for this figure here!


Chris said...

For Gunpla at 1200 yen, Momotoys used to charge RM55. This SIC Den-O is RM65. o.O

Awesome details for sure, but SH Figuarts wins for articulation.

CD said...

Yeah, it was a little more that I'd hoped but can't do much in the end since I wanted it. :X

Hm, so SHF has superior articulation. Hmhm.

Anonymous said...

And I was expecting Den-O going against G-Gundam there. XD

11cm... That should the same height as... a typical Revoltech figure (Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter, etc, etc..).

Those "Hissatsu Waza" making my hands itchy again...

Sie LIang said...

Looks so cool,but im waiting for SIC Kiwami Blade King Form come out!! XD

CD said...

@bd: Maybe I could do that...

Momo: Where the heck am I?
Domon: Gundam Fight! Ready? GO!
Momo: Nanda kore?!

Or something like that. XD

I see, so they are of the same height (I don't have one so I couldn't really tell personally). ^^;

@Liang: Same here, I want that too! *.*

chubbybots said...

whoo hoo!!! I nearly got this but had to pass this up for something else!! The details look really good for something of this price range!!

I am with BD, we need that G Gundam vs Den O fight ^^

GunStray said...

I have to admit, it lacks articulation, it does more than makes up for the MG aesthetic changes that bandai loves to make. ie, Den-o is more muscular, and ripped, compared to his Original

hiroy_raind said...

Looked really good. I guess I'll get the Blade King Form Kiwami Tamashii! XD

divinelight said...

looks great.
well, i'm still waiting for my sic kiwami faiz though.

CD said...

@chubbs: Haha, I wonder what did you get... XP
(And yes, request granted. XD)

@GunStray: Yeah. Can't have both, not at this price point. Nonethless, I'm satisfied.

@hiroy: Same here! X3

@divine: Cool, Faiz! I also want that but I don't think I'll get it unless there is a reissue again. ^^;

Z said...

Your review made me pick this figure up.. Good job xD. I have to say... you're the only blogger I can find who has a review of ANY SIC Kiwami figures. I really dig the details on this thing! I wish Bandai would re-issue the original SIC Den-O though becauase that's one of the best looking ones!

CD said...

@Z: I was fortunate enough to have a local hobby store sell some (hope to get Blade King Form next). ^^

Glad to know my review was helpful. :)


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