Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Notice Anything?

I'm kinda busy for the time being as well as preoccupied with a certain online game (Luna Online) since I'm playing it with my sister (a warrior and healer party combo). Anyways, I was thinking of doing this post yesterday but online gaming can really eat up your time, y'know? >_>

So, do you see anything different from usual (except this shot doesn't have the Satellite Cannon yet)? Virtual cookies for those who can. I know ZD will sure know straight away as well as those who have heard/read of my thoughts about this one.

First part of this review either tonight or tomorrow. Photos are done for that part so yeah.


bd77 said...

Seems like you've modded the rear knee part so it can do a proper kneeling pose.

Dude... You know that unit is... poisonous to me... X_X

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

@Bd agreed. you mod the knee. i can see where you cut the upper armor to allow more bend on upper bending point. GJ~! =D

chubbybots said...

Cut the skirt armor also hehe ^^ This kit just looks so good straight build...

GunStray said...

You gave it a moon lunar base, didnt yah^^;;;;;

I'll agree with the folks above me.

CD said...

Haha, you guys are right and the post is up!

@bd: You must get the GX~ >D

@chubbs: Yeah, it is very good OOB.

@GunStray: Oh snaps! YOU NOTICED?! The black background and the white surface! I was being too obvious! D:


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