Thursday, December 16, 2010

MG Figure-Rise 1/8 Kamen Rider W/Double CycloneJoker - Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 HERE.
Okay, time for the 2nd part of this review! :D

Note: This review covers posing the model kit. I think I did more unusual poses than the ones that I should be doing following the advertised poses. Haha. ^^;

Part 1: Comparisons
MG Figure-Rise are tall, and I'm totally not kidding. Kamen Rider W standd 24cm tall which is way taller than the standard MG 1/100 Gunpla of around 18cm but still shorter than PG 1/60 Gunplas of around 30cm.
Note the mint bottle. XD

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Even for a straight-build, the CycloneJoker looks nice. Shows that there isn't much need to paint it. However, if you do not like the molding marks, especially on the glossed parts, I suggest painting the model kit. (Metallic paint!)

Part 3: Close-Ups
My black lines start to get scratched off as I go along the review. I just relined some of it just now after most of the review shots. So, if you see that the lines look faded, you know why. ^^;

Thanks to the reflective foil sticker at the back of the red piece, the eyes shine rather nicely similarly to most of the Kamen Rider figures (eg; SHF, SIC).

For the Joker half, I suggest you exert all your effort to panel line the black portions, itis very worth it than using those stickers...

Throughout this review, I never changed the scarf. I went out of my way and just "lazily" used the large one since I like it large. Yep.

There is one weakness in the MGF Kamen Rider W is that there are quite a number of noticeable seams on the body as well as nub marks such as at the arms and feet.

The scarf, in my opinion, is unfortunately connected with a rather weak connection. The transparent piece will most likely stay on but the scarf will tend to drop off as you play with it. ^^;

There's this huge horizontal line on the scarf there which is VERY noticeable.

Part 4: Articulation & Gimmicks
That's as far as you can bend the elbows. Note the "muscle" flexing at the upper part of the arm.

Just like any model kit, you can swing the arms forwards and backwards. A bit hard to clearly show it with a Kamen Rider though.

Unlike my SIC Kiwami Den-O, the shoulder pad can swing around like most MG Gunpla which is a good thing although it might not be so accurate to the "real" thing. (If you know how real shoulder pads on armors work that is.)

The overall articulation is superb and it is quite firm unlike the MG Exia. Shows how much engineering has improved in such a short time. (If I'm not mistaken, Bandai started to take the extra mile in foot articulation starting with the Exia under the Master Grade followed by the more successful Astray.)

Even if the legs are rather hollow, W can balance really well if you want him too. Oh, I forgot to do the high kick pose. ^^;

The arms and legs don't really bend that much though.

You may find some slight difficulties in leaving the scarf up in the air especially for the large one. The hands can safely hold the Gaia Memories... as long as you don't shake it that is. XP

The neck has a very good range of motion thanks to a double jointed neck.

The torso DOES NOT bend nor turn like your usual Gunpla since Bandai wanted to emulate a real life person as much as possible for this MGF. I felt that is was quite close with this and the range of articulation is good. I'm not sure if the upper part of the stomach is supposed to be loose fitted though but that is how it is (can't really show in pictures).

Part X1: Ready?

Phillip/Shotaro: "Sa, omae no tsumi wo kazoero!"
Shotaro: "Na Phillip! Isn't it supposed to be me pointing the finger?!"
Phillip: "Shotaro, you already got the boxart. Don't be greedy."
Shotaro: "What?! I'm not being greed-"
Phillip: "Ato de, let's take care of this Dopant first!"
Shotaro: "Argh! Whatever!"

Part ?: Minor Note
By exchanging the rear buckle of the "belt" you can attach W to the stand included but for some odd reason my stand was a bit loose so most of the times, W will flop to the front (but not to the back oddly enough). I wonder if there was something wrong with my stand or was there some kind of mishap in the designing of the stand or maybe it just isn't suitable for completely midair poses? Nonetheless, I was frankly disappointed. However, it works well enough for the advertised (shown) usages...

Part 5: Action!
Rider PUNCH!


Rider KICK!
Whoops, I did all the other kicks including some "different" kicks but I forgot to do the straight on kick when they do a MAXIMUM DRIVE where they split and all. I'm too lazy to take a photo of that now but I think you guys have seen it already seen it from the box shots as well as other reviews. Sorry folks. ^^;

Shotaro: "Uh, Phillp, what we were supposed to do again?"
Phillip: "Shotaro..."

Part X2: Break
Shotaro: "That's right! Let's find that Dopant!"
Phillip: "..."

Part 6: More Action!

Jump into action.

Fail Kamehameha.


*insert wind powered punches here*

Time for some outside light from my window shots. I kinda like how the shadows work out here even though the lighting might be too dark for some.

"Sa, omae no tsumi wo kazoero!"

Part 7: Conclusion
  • Big.
  • Good color separation.
  • Shiny.
  • Fully playable Rider Belt (W Driver).
  • Great articulation.
  • Good price @ 3800 Yen.
  • Noticeable seams on feet and arms.
  • Potential black nub marks.
  • Bad mold lines due to gloss injection.
  • Hands are not really human-like although quite articulated.
  • Scarf doesn't really stay on that well.
Overall, the model kit is a good addition to the Kamen Rider franchise and works well with the multi-formed Kamen Rider W. The price is fair at 3800 Yen and is not too far off from the SH Figarts regular price. The pros and cons listed maybe quite "equal" but after building and playing with the model kit for a while, I find it great. It doesn't take long to build and you don't rally need to panel line if you don't want to since stickers are kindly given for the "black stripes".

In conclusion, if you are a Kamen Rider W fan, this is a good model kit to get. You probably need to have some extra space in your display cupboard since this guy is almost the size of a regular PG! Otherwise, this model kit feels like a nice light to hold large sized figure on the "cheap".

Okay, that's all for now, until the next post!


Anonymous said...

This bad boy is quite big, and flexible too.

Seams, you just can't get rid of them, totally...

Fithree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

opps, my mistake, mistakenly used my sis account for commenting ^^;;

repeat : and that was one funny awkward looking kick there XD

i wonder, what else will be under this line, aside from OP, KR and DB?

CD said...

@BD: Unless... you decided to paint it (plus seam removal). ^^;

@ZD: Spinzaku KICK!
Hm, I guess Naruto/Bleach might even come around as well. I guess. o.o

hiroy_raind said...

your pose seems more natural than mine.
I guess I unconsciously put the CJ in a more mecha like poses ;^^

CD said...

@hiroy: It's all in the mind. You need to remember than mecha does not pose the same way humans do. ^^

Chris said...

Seam lines, showing that it's "Double" everywhere. XD

Cyclone, Maximum Drive? I don't think I've seen that.

CD said...

@Chris: I don't remember either... except when Accel used it on his sword. I just put it there since it is possible to Maximum Drive any one of the two Gaia Memories equipped according to the episode when Shotaro attempted to do a double Maximum Drive in HeatMetal (but failed). ^^;

Marzz said...

The fingers are horrible.... Other than that, I think from my observations, this is a pretty good kit!

Alexkinamoto said...

Suzaku's Spinning Kick reference? XD

CD said...

@Marzz: Yeah, the fingers are too mechanical which doesn't fit the "human" W. Otherwise they are functional.

@Alex: Yep! XD

Z said...

It seems like Figurerise models look best when they are in action poses; all the proportion issues and stuff are well hidden by the model's pose. It looks really good actually ^^. Moreso than the SHF in some aspects.

BUT THOSE HANDS!! ARGH!!! Well... I think the thumb is the only problem. Gundam hands do not work on humans... who would've thought that xP.

Great job on the model though! Good call on panel lining the purple trims instead of using the stickers!

CD said...

@Z: Yep, it looks best while in action but looks a bit off when just standing there. ^^;

Yes, I still wished they gave a double jointed thumb at least since the smaller fingers comes in double joints... quite odd if you think of it in a common sense fashion.

Thanks and, I think, any Gunplayer would panel line those sections instead of using those flat stickers. In a sense, it is like when you are building the Sinanju (although this MGF should be much easier).

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