Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robot Damashii Gundam Exia Review - Part 2

Quickly continuing the previous part of the review, here's the rest of it.

Part 5: Action!

GN Sword.

GN Long/Short Blade.
As stated before, you can leave the GN Sword on to hold other weapons.

Even if this is a bit old... what do you do when all your main physical weapons are gone?

Use Beam Sabers!

Burst Mode!

Also as stated before, you can take off some of the parts of the body in order to switch to Exia R2. You can take off more than this but I just did it minimally at that time.

More on this at the next section.

GN Vulcans. The least used weapons... and they are not all that useful actually. ^^;

Hand to hand~

Just an extra shot when I was keeping the Exia after play before I go back the next day.

As you may have noticed, the sun got a little brighter as it went on, except for the reallocated shots (some were taken extra since the earlier shots failed). Lighting for this review, except the phone taken ones, were completely from sunlight from the windows.

After this, all shots were taken with my Samsung Champ phone camera @ 1.3MP at night. The only light source is my ceiling light so the photos are not as good as the 00 Qan[T] shots which were taken with sunlight lighting.

Part Re1: Comparisons
Slightly smaller and slimmer than the HG. Note that I detailed my HG Exia quite a lot so it isn't a direct comparison to an OOB HG Exia.

Same height as the RD 00 Qan[T]. 00 Qan[T] seems to be a bit more muscular, in a sense.

Part Re2: Action! (Now with an Action Base!)
Tobe, Gundam!



Full body swing!

GN Daggers. Used 00 Qan[T]'s Sword Bit base with blue tack to hold em' as wel as the following shots using this base.

And you thought only the Beginning Gundam can do this. Well, it doesn't realy fit into the fingers all that tight but that doesn't stop me from making this shot. XD

Burst Mode!
This also shows what are the removable parts but not all of them.

This isn't canon or anything but someone's RX78-2 comic strip sort-of inspired this.

Beginning to End. Better take a proper family line photo once my camera comes back later. ^^

Part 6: Conclusion
Exia "family" photo. That's 12 Exias right there. One is still unbuilt inside the box though (NG 1/100 Trans-AM) which I don't plan on building.

  • Most stable Exia variation, period. Arguably, the SD Exia is more stable due to its larger base area and shorter height. The FG and HG Exia are quite stable also but that's because they do not incorporate any of the articulation features that the NG, MG an RD has.
  • GN Short/Long Blades stays on very well.
  • Great paint job although limited by the exchange-ability to Exia R2 (some spots seem to be intentionally not painted/detailed).
  • Good articulation except for the hips.
  • GN Drive Burst Mode gimmick was included.
  • Wide ankle articulation.
  • All armaments present unlike the HG.
  • Very stiff... maybe TOO stiff.*
  • Good price @ 2800 Yen.
  • Some joints could use to be less stiff. I almost felt as if I breaking it or something.*
  • Removable parts can be too easily removed. ^^;
Overall, I give this the title of best Exia overall. It may not be as detailed or articulated as the MG but it gives the best range of playability, detail and balance. You can compare the articulation to the NG actually and it is a little better. That said, it is somewhere in-between the NG and MG in terms of articulation while just a bit above HG in terms of detail.

FYI, the NG was said to be quite the revolution in terms of articulation at the time of its release since it was very MG-like but due to the design of the Exia, its main flaw was stability especially when the joints are worn out (mainly the legs). The MG also brought a revolution in articulation as well with the 90 degree turning ankle (now used by later MGs) and shifting pelvis. In that sense, Gundam Exia is playing a big role in the Gunpla world. :O

If you're in to buy a figure, not plastic model, of Exia, look no further, this Robot Damashii delivers. Even if you're just an Exia fan like me, I assure you that this is very worth this to add to your collection. :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Until the next post~


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

at least the vulcans pwned some fangs against Alvatore XD

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I saw that MG IM Exia and that reminds me Bandai really knows how to make money!!! You see, in IM mode the bling bling parts doesn't really fit onto a "supposed-to-be" battle scarred or a gundam who got his ass kicked 20 times that ensured (along with the LED) that many people would wanna buy both MGs. Which is what I am gona do^^ Let me just fall for this trick for this once, after all i want my beloved exia to look good and fit in either way, be it the 20-times kicked ass one or the normal one

gunpla said...

I wan a RD, i think exia will be my first one but nowadays is wuite rare

chubbybots said...

I love Exia having his Quanta moment :P

CD said...

@47: True that. Haven't had a chance to get one myself, another MG Exia that is. >.>

@gunpla: Yeah, it is pretty rare considering it is already a year plus old. But you should be able to find it online such as from HLJ.

@chubbs: Hehe, just had to do that since the removable parts reminded me of Quantum Burst Mode. :P

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