Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Does Not Admit the Mistakes of One's Youth

Okay guys, since I'm feeling like it today, I'm going to share something I did around 5-6 years ago which still exist within the histories of the internet. It may be funny, crazy or totally WTF. Nonetheless, enjoy my past creations. XD

Note: You may need to click open the image to read some of them.

Intro 1...

Intro 2...

Announcement 1/Intro 3

Author's Sadness 1Author's Sadness 2*Remember those Windows ME days? Yeah.*

Back 1

Back 2

Showing Off Some Graphic Extras 1

Showing Off Some Graphic Extras 2 (Don't Cuss with Zero)

Showing Off Some Graphic Extras 3 (Curses)

Toast is Good


Showing Off

The Defeat of BreakMan

He's Back! We are Saved?


Merry Christmas!

Used: MS Paint (mainly), Photostudio 2000 (for background stuff)
And then it ended there, never to continue ever again. ^^; Ah, how nostalgic it is to see my past works and how I actually am laughing at it now. O.o

Until the next post!
"Go finish your homework la!"
PS: Updated my deviantart with something different and interesting. Go look!
Okay, hiatus time! :X


Chris said...

lol rndm with random stuffs. Whatever happens in that Zero vs BlackZero battle, we'll never know. XD

You know about Photoshop 6 years ago? I only knew it like 3 years ago. ^^;

CD said...

Heh, yeah, I learned of it before the "CS" that you all see now. Then again, I went on the internet when I was 12 years old and learned a lot of stuff. ^^

Marzz said...

THAT was completely random lol....
Lol at the extra life Zero...


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