Monday, December 20, 2010

Off on Vacation to Sabah

My aunt and mother decided to go to Sabah this week (21st-26th) so I won't be around during that time. If anyone wants to meet me (though no guarantees since this is a family vacation), I'll be around the KK area staying at the Promenade Service Apartment.

After being done with the Kamen Rider W review, I've been busy rearranging my room and playing my games on my Xbox 360 which had little attention during the time I was busy with schoolwork. So, what am I playing?

Xbox 360
Fable III has an interesting story but as an RPG it isn't really up to snuff. It is still fun, especially if you do multiplayer Co-Op (which I can only do with myself and whoever is in my house since I technically can't go online). In this game, you can be either good or evil so have fun with that (and yes, it is easier to be evil).

Unlike the previous NFS installments, Hot Pursuit is done by Critereon games (still under EA) who has been known for its Burnout series. This game isn't as easy as previous NFS (at least if you want to get gold) but its visuals and overall appeal makes it fun to re/play... to a certain point of course. XP Also, don't confuse this one with the older installments with the same name.

Eh, I'm just playing this one since it seems fun. Never actually finished Fallout 3 (besides being evil and bombing a city and stuff) but I felt to get New Vegas nonetheless. I probably just play it on the PC later on though especially with the ability to mod and all.

Nintendo DS
The game that many has waited for YEARS. It was "announced" years ago when the DS was just released but the game was not. Luckily, for us, it has finally came this year. I can't say its great but having your character only able to reply back in four kinds of expressions (he doesn't talk at all, wow) and not being able to backtrack may make some people feel off. Nonetheless, with the touchscreen, I believe using Psyenergy is more fun this time around or at least more functional.


I'm playing Heart Gold (R4 Flashcart) while my sister plays Soul Silver (original cart). I'm finished with the main story but have yet to do the side stuff (sans beating Red who is much stronger than before).

Female MC in Persona 3 Portable? Heck yeah. Playing through the story while trying to do the one play-through social link. Save and load hell and time constraints. Still, its fun and I'm interested in the story.

The only Kingdom Hearts game I've yet to finish, minus the first game's Final Mix. I've played Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories (GBA), Kingdom Hearts 2 (and Final Mix+), 358/2 Days and Re:coded. Currently playing through Ventus's story in Birth By Sleep.

There are still other games I'm playing but only just tried them a bit. I'm mainly going to play those above during my 2 month break. Hu, lots of games to play, isn't there? I also got other things to do besides gaming but I think I'll give gaming a priority this time since my semester breaks next year is much less thanks to Swinburne's new 3 semester system. Ah, at any rate, better enjoy the free time I have now.

Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam: "MMMPPPHHH!!!" (still in box)

Until the next post~


Evaritus Lau said...

Hey we should meet up ! Promenade is too near with Api-Api Centre & Komplex Asia City/Star City.

Drop me a call or sms when ya in town. =)

CD said...

I'll see if I can since I'll most likely be with my family most of the time. XP

Then again, how familiar are you with the places in your state? :O

Evaritus Lau said...

I won't say I'm very familiar with town area since I'm also from village boy. ^^"

But in terms of looking for gunpla, ya meet the right guy to guide you haha ! & also figurines shop & maid cafe (if they already back from COmic Fiesta).

Marzz said...

Have fun in Sabah. ^^
I want to play Hot Pursuit too....
BBS is too easy.... Much easier than any other KH games lol. I beat the game on Proud Mode, and even beat the 2 secret bosses. Man, those secret bosses were hard....

CD said...

@Evaritus: I'll contact you then if I get the chance. XD

@Marzz: Now I feel I should restart and play proud mode off the bat then. Or maybe it's caused by you having played Kingdom Hearts before (or the new game mechanics makes it easier). >.>

Marzz said...

@CD: More like Ventus' dodge roll is too imba. :D

Anonymous said...

You have Xbox 360? Cool! You should get the Kinect add-on as well too!


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