Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the Afternoon of Christmas I Went to a Maid Cafe

Kirameki Maid Cafe (Star City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
My Second Time, And it Felt Better
So I went to the maid cafe in Sabah on the very day of Christmas. I could have gone the day before when I first visited Star City but the day was still young so the cafe wasn't exactly opened yet. Nonetheless, I went in with my sister who decided to follow me that day and had my rather different and special Christmas lunch.
Note: All photos were taking with my Samsung Champ(ion) phone since my camera was being used elsewhere.

Taken on 24th December way before 12 noon. I left and went back to the hotel after I got my 2 Robot Damashiis and 1 SIC Kiwami. ^^;

After feeling a bit of "regret" after thinking about it, I felt that I should go there the next day. I mean, it isn't like I can go there anytime I want, right? So, I went solo for another day, on the day of Christmas. Well, not really solo since my sister decided to tag along which isn't a problem actually.

We went there a few minutes past noon. I was hoping that I could meet up with Evaritus Lau but unfortunately we couldn't. Ah well, thanks for telling me about the places I can easily go to though! :)

We looked through the menu before entering. There were two maids available, one was wearing a Christmas outfit while the other was using the normal costume I believe. We were escorted by the one in the normal outfit. She had long hair with pigtails on the side. The other was wearing a blue-green wig I think.
Besides us, there were two other guys in the cafe playing the anime character card games. Seems like they were acquaintances of the cafe considering how their interactions with one another was. Another guy later entered wearing some sort of cosplay costume that I can't really put into words except it looks like a male school student with a punk motive?

We sat down and was given the menu. I ordered the Moe Moe Omu Rice while my sister ordered the special that day - spaghetti - which happens to be one of her favorite dishes.

We had to wait for a bit for the food since it was prepared on the spot so those people who are short on time or impatient shouldn't come in here. I dunno if you can ask for anything during the waiting period but I was mostly chatting with my sister and updating my FB status, for the heck of it, on my phone.

The first to come was our milkshakes, strawberry for me and vanilla for my sister.
Note: We drank it a bit already. ^^;
The milkshakes were splendid! If I had the ability to burn more cash, maybe I would have ordered seconds... like I usually do (I drink a lot, ask anyone who has went out to dinner with me around). XP

My omelet rice. I asked the maid to draw the logo of the cafe and she made this. She really did impress me with this until I asked whether I can take a photo of it and I did. I asked since photography was forbidden but it looks like it is only forbidden to take photos of the maids. Good for me since I'd regret it if I couldn't take a photo of this masterpiece.
The rice is mixed with some meat and mixed vegetables wrapped around the omelet. Tastes pretty good and well worth the price of RM7.50.

The spaghetti was rather normal I say (tasted it a bit since this belongs to my sister). Needs meatballs but for the price of RM8, its alright.

Overall, the cafe is good. It doesn't really do it "extremely" like the Japanese do but it was alright. They did the usual intro and goodbye as well as simple formal talking when asking your order. Good enough for me. I think I can't handle it if we have to do a moe moe chant, it just feels awkward IMHO.
I think it is better than the AFA 2010 maid cafe though, especially in terms of pricing. $GD15 for the cheapest set was murder even if it was cake. Even at that price, they give like 1/2KG of cake at Kirameki (no budget for it though) for about RM30~40.

Until the next post~


Anonymous said...

Ohhh... Got one at KK, eh? Amazing.

One thing for sure, them drinks and food looks... :b

As for the signature using the sauce, like an icing on a cake. =D

Syful said...

where's the place?

can't take shots of the maid?

CD said...

@bd: The one and only there some more. O.O

Yep, she sure surprised me with it. ^^
Now, if only there was more space....

@Sy: It's part of the rules not to take photographs. Luckily, food was not on the not list. I didn't ask to take any special photos though, maybe I should have when I think back. ^^;
Not to worry, they look pretty good to me and I'm the hardest person to comment on looks ever. So, you won't be disappointed when it comes to looks as well as their overall appeal if you were to go there.

The place is Star City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. At the convention center side of the shopping complex. If you ever go to Promenade Hotel Apartments, it is located just opposite of it. Very easy for me to go to since I was staying at said hotel. :)

Tom said...

Maid cafes... Makes me wonder if there are any here in the US... you lucky people in your asian countries...

Evaritus Lau said...


Don't be sad bro, ya just need some Anime enthusiast to open these kind of shops though.

So, ok lah trip at KK so far ? Yeah, too bad can't meet up with ya though, attend alot of pre-xmas/xmas party beforehand that time haha...

Can say it's the only maid cafe exist in KK, sabah, so far haha !

The reason behind " no photograph inside" was to prevent people to just take the pic with maids but didn't eat/drink inside. Simple haha..

CD said...

@Tom: I think there could be one in he US, ya just need to look for it. ^^;

@Eva: Yeah, it was alright. Nothing amazing though since it doesn't really that much or any different than Kuching, unfortunately.
Well, I had my fun thanks to the places you told me off. Haha.

I see, thought it is due to flash photography or something. Maybe I should have asked to take some photos although taking it with only my phone would be rather disappointing too. XP

Z said...

Aw I was expecting photos of the maids xD. Next time! Doesn't hurt to ask (politely). Maids can't refuse their masters! >:D

Man, I went through this post on an empty stomach... the food looks so good! Especially that omelet rice you described!

I want some food now...

CD said...

@Z: Next time when I get another go at Sabah (but that might not be so soon though unless something very visit-worthy pops up), I will sure to do more. :)

Haha, ironically I just ate a few minutes ago.

Del Glamiva said...

I'm in KK and I never been to this place yet. Shame on me! >.<

CD said...

And you should be! Now, go there immediately! XD

cubex said...

The maid cafe have cheki@polaroid photo :D

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