Monday, December 27, 2010

Robot Damashii 00 Qan[T] Review

Although not as complete as I would like it to be, I feel it is quite done, done so I shall end it here.

Main part of the review. This was taken with a Samsung Champ(ion) phone camera @ 1.3MP. Might be shocking to some that the quality is quite up there for even a budget phone. Then again, that's most likely due to the great amount of sunlight the I was getting during the photoshoot.

Taken with my current camera, however, I realized I really need to send it to Canon for servicing now as the black spots are really obvious. I'm quite sorry about that though but I hope you'll enjoy the final part of the review.

For those curious at how bad my camera is in now... well...
The blue screen test. Open a completely blue picture on your computer monitor and take a picture with maximum zoom. To my not to happy further realization, it was worse that I initially thought. My camera shall be MIA for a while and I hope I can send it for servicing under warranty successfully.
FYI, the black spot has been around for a while already but most of the time it is either noticeable or seemingly disappear after a while. This time, that isn't the case. Ah well, wish me luck guys, I'll try to do it tomorrow, or rather, later today.



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