Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HG 00 Gundam Twelve Swords Two Guns (0012S/2G) Preview

Mwahahahahahaha! Finally! I can do it too! I feel so happy today. :D

Nothing much to say except I tried to detail the HG 007S/G as much as I can with my Gundam Markers and did not paint the XN Unit due to paint limitations. I'll try to do that later once I get my hands on proper equipment or when I'm ready since I don't want to screw up the not so easy nor cheap XN Unit.

What's on the 00 now? O.O
2x GN Sword II Blaster
2x GN Buster Sword II
1x GN Sword II Long
1x GN Sword II Short
2x GN Katar
2x GN Beam Saber
2x GN Sword II
2x GN Buster Sword III

That's a whooping total of 14 swords! It may not be practical but I really wanted to try equipping it on though I can say the swords can rub against each other quite a lot now. ^^;

That's all for now. The 007S/G (normally equipped) has some outside work tomorrow as I'm gonna put it up for display during the SAMS Club Exhibition Day. A certain unfortunate HG will accompany it as the always used on this blog as a victim of a buster sword attack this time. X3

Hopefully I'll be able to do the review by the end of this weekend. There are some things I definitely must say on this model kit.


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

O_O 14 swords lolololololololololol

ehehe i think that the victim will be a TT kits ehhe

Chris said...

lol That's the configuration seen at Hobby no Toriko. You've finally done it. Wish I had enough money to get 2 00 7 Swords too. XDDDD

moemoekyun said...

sadly I need to spend like 3000-4000 yen for tools so can make something like this ^^

Zeon_Two_Six said...


No, I'm sensing a 'tall, dark red, and bulky' suit joining in... XD

mangyver5223 said...

man, can u give detail review for this guy next time?

Marzz said...

Unbelievable! That's a ton of swords! 0.0 Setsuna would be proud :D

Choo Sie LIang said...

U did a great job man...i'm sure Ribbons Almark get totally toasted...XD

Choo Sie LIang said...

I must try to get the XN raiser,no matter what..

Chris said...

Yeah! I got my 00 7 Sword at RM67 also. It's strange but when I ask for discount, I didn't said what price and this nice guy just give me that amount (from RM72). I actually expected just RM70.

CD said...

ZD: Nope, not a TT kit as the victim. Try again, well you'll find out soon anyways. ^^

@Chris: With some sacrifices (in the MG department), and only then I was able to get-oh it. Then again, I just felt that I do not want the MG GN-X so much. However, the MG ARF Kai is still get-oh... ^^;

@moe: If you want to do something, you must make necessary sacrifices in order to achieve it~

@Zeon: We have a winner! XD

@mangyver: No worries, the review will be made. Hopefully it can done by this weekend. Should be only one post though since most of the 00 articulation points has been addressed in a previous review.

@Marzz: There's no such thing as too many swords (okay, I kid, there is). :3

@Liang: Ribbons was already screwed when I got the Trans-AM Raiser a while ago. XD
The XN is pretty hard to get nowadays, I was initially hoping to get the HK version but that one ran out too fast (I didn't even see it being sold!). XP

Chris said...

Haha, I got my MG ARF Kai already. Since it has not arrived yet, I ordered from west Malaysia (through Lowyat) and it took only 1 day to arrive (RM215 in total).

Did I mentioned the guy who sold me 00 7 sword is looking at a certain familiar pink website (with 00 7 sword)?

CD said...

@Chris: Haha, that's good for you but I'm just being patient since getting the MG ARF Kai a bit later actually help ease my budget. XP

Of course, he's a friend too and he's in my blogroll (Souji Shinogane). :3

Anonymous said...

Look like over kill to me =X,as for the other spare 00 you make it as 00 or 00 Raiser ?

CD said...

@kei: I'll just keep it now for future uses. Might be something different than the usual build, pose and keep though... :3

kei'end said...

if u like a suggestion
14 sword cn become 20 sword
the gn sword 2 handle from 0 raiser
use on both hand
and use the xn extra arm to hold extra 2 swords maybe GN Beam Daggers
and GN Shield use as katar from 0 raiser

GN Beam Daggers x 2
GN Sword II x 2 00
GN Shield x 2 0raiser

Aulos said...


Needs a 15th sword - GN Sword IV. XD

Not sure if you'd be able to mount it! Maybe hold it in the hand? Not sure if you do something with Qan[T]'s weapons. : D

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