Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Feel Like Sayin'

Sorry for the lack of posts lately and sorry again for not posting anything informative for the time being. Well, I guess if you've paid attention to my blog posts for a while you would know that I've been preoccupied by university life. This post might be a little emotional though. ^^;

Anyways, yesterday was a rather sucky day. At first it wasn't until... I realized I accidentally left my pen drive over at the open lab in the morning. ORZ. Greatest mistake I've done in a while. It doesn't really contain much of anything gravely important but some of my work in progress (assignment data) is in there. I'm not overly obsessed about that since I can redo it quickly as long as my mood lightens up a bit more.

The reason why I left it was kinda lame but I was showing the stuff for one of the club's activities yesterday afternoon to the committee members but it was then time for class at 10.30am. I rushed and totally forgot about it. I only found out by the time I was home by around 8.30pm. It was also a rather busy day, which made it harder for me to remember everything, since I had club activities to do. Sad thing was that I'm always extremely careful with my pen drives. Checking whether I left them every time I leave the PC. However, yesterday... crap happened. =.= My own fault, yes, but I'm still unhappy about it. The pen drive even haunts me in my dreams! Why? Why must you forget about me?!

I'm currently trying to find it but I feel that any results, if any, will only be apparent by next week. And I have some mid-terms next week too... Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate. I really hate losing stuff. It bothers me to no end until I finally feel like I have no choice but to let go.

EDIT (18/04/10): Someone found it! Looks like I'll be able to get it back on Monday. ^^
Hopefully it is really mine but I think it should be. =)
EDIT (19/04/10): Got it back! Thank you very much to the guy who found it! =D


Chris said...

Now who would be desperate to get your pendrive?
If it was me, I would leave alone that pendrive unless I know who it belongs to and can return it to him/ her immediately.

CD said...

No one should be desperate but things like this normally seem to end up as 'finders keepers'. Hopefully the person who found it either gave it to the proper authorities (lost & found) or will try to find the owner - me. ^^;

Since it is a weekend now, I won't be getting any results.

heathorn said...

I hope someone found your pen drive and get the lab staff to keep it for you.

CD said...

Luckily, it seems to be found by someone and he just gave me a call. I couldn't really make out everything he said (since his accent was kinda making it hard for me to understand) but it looks like I'll be able to get it back from him on Monday. =)

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hoho seems luck still at your side lol


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