Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Simple Colored Quickies

Just showing this year so that you all won't be bored with the lack of content lately and since I feel that I want to show you something that is actually colored for a change. XD

A bit at my Deviantart while the story exposition here.

I won't say they are amazing or accurate though as I can see I made some mistakes (missed some sections) since I lazily colored these. XP


Choo Sie LIang said...

1st picture :Awesome,Thunder Gundam..
2nd picture :can i know whats happen to this Gundam??

CD said...

Well, for the second picture, it shows the leftovers of the Thunder Gundam after a fierce final battle. Its not a finalized story setting or condition though but I like to draw these kinds of stuff once in a while. =P

Note: The first picture shows the initial design and concept.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I added you in deviantart!


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