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Ideas, Concepts & Sketches Spam! Take 2!

Continuing from the previous post here, I'll tell ya all some more on whatever stuff I have though up which are quite Gundam 00 related. FYI, I do think of other kinds of 'fan-fics' as well but I'm not gonna show them here as they are considerably less developed than this Gundam 00 based story I've cooked up since last year.

Okay, read on for the continuation as well as updated story ideas. =D

EDIT (10/04/10): Added some forgotten armaments for Storm Gundam.
EDIT (13/04/10): Fixed some grammar.
Note: This series of post continues on my secondary blog.

To recap simply, he title of this half-arse fan-fic is Gundam 00D. The D is a parody of Destiny and I did not intend to change it as it has a specific meaning for the story now. ^^;

Better Starting Story?
The world has been united with the effort of Celestial Being roughly 20 years ago and a better peace is obtained. It would be a lie to say the world is in a complete state of peace but humanity has begun to better cooperate with one another. However, advancement of humankind is still at a slow pace and does not seem to bring humankind into the desired future of space exploration. Veda acknowledges this...

Roughly 5 years later, a organization grew into power and questioned the world on human development and evolution into space. The leaders of the world does not want to risk space exploration too quickly but the new organization, EDEN, wished to do so for the sake of humanity. Chaos broke out as EDEN has their plans already set out and their required 'power' ready to make the world go into their favor... I really don't know if this sounds like a good way to set up the antagonist's motifs though.

To counter this problem, a backdoor organization called Neo Celestial Being (NCB) was already in development with their new Gundam mobile suits. The only problem with this organization was their power was still small with only two Gundams which are still in development - GND-000 Spark Gundam and GND-001 Vertigo Gundam. Both of the Gundams were made by different engineering teams.

As they nearing the completion of the two Gundams, which are actually prototypes, EDEN crashes in due to a betrayal by the head engineer for Vertigo. Vertigo was taken, luckily without its GN Drive unit, but NCB had to split its forces as well as losing many of their members in the assault. Rena Val An was near Spark and had to escape in it separating her from the rest of the major crew. She later meet up with the main character, Sean Guard...

The Other Neo Celestial Being Gundams
Those who do see my DA post on the side would know some of them already but I'll give a brief for the others here as well.

The later Gundams GND-002 Lightning Gundam and GND-003 Storm Gundam was developed later after NCB escape to another facility which sadly is low on resources. However, with time and proper strategical movements, most of the earlier battles were done utilizing the Spark's backpack units and an incomplete Lighting.

GND-002 Lightning Gundam
Height: 16.1m
Weight: 25.3t

Based on the Kyrios family line as well as the Masurao family line. Masurao's data was used to create this Gundam as the pilot, Mai Aker, is more accustom to CQC (Close Quarter Combat). For further information, read here.

2x GN Beam Katana
2x GN Beam Vulcan (Head & Arms)
?x GN Missiles
2x GN Beam Cannon (Flight Mode*)
2x GN Beam Shield (Arms)
*Design for Flight Mode sadly haven't drawn completely yet. It's hard, I'll give you that. ^^;

GND-003 Storm Gundam

Height: 15.6m
Weight: 29.2t

Based on the Dynames family but more closer with the Zabanya than any previous iterations in this family as well as the Virtue family line.. Lots of firepower is added to the Storm due to limitations that prevent NCB from creating a Virtue-like MS. They decided to fuse the concept of long-range and heavy attacker in one go. Whether this will work out in the end or not is yet unknown. The pilot is the happy-go-lucky Rino Val An who normally pilots the Buster Spark Gundam.

1x GN Sniper Rifle
2x GN Pistol
8x GN Shield Rifle Bits
1x GN Mega Launcher
2x GN Beam Cannons (Shoulder)

1x GN Head Cannon
?x GN Missiles (All over the body)
10x GN Beam Shield (Arm Guards & Shield Rifle Bits)
*Based directly on ZZ Gundam. ^^

GND-003GNHW/SR Storm Gundam Full Shield Rifle Bits Equipment
You can see the design for the shield rifle bits as well as how they are supposed to connect. The backpack of the GNHW Storm has a longer thruster at the backpack for better stabilization in space. It is plainly obvious now that the shield rifle bits can also produce beam shields to further increase its defensive capabilities. After lots of hard thought, I decided to get some design motives from the Nu Gundam for the shield bits. I think they came out quite nicely. ^^

2x GN Rapid/Slow Fire Beam Rifles
16x GN Shield Rifle Bits
2x GN Beam Cannons (Shoulder)
1x GN Head Cannon
?x GN Missiles (All over the body)
18x GN Beam Shield (Arm Guards & Shield Rifle Bits)

These two newer Gundam are far more stronger than the Spark as Spark was the prototype testing bed before these were completed. However, it seems that due to the pilot of the Spark, it is capable of much more...

The Spark is later upgraded into-

GND-000T Spark Qan[T]
*This is just a tentative design sketch, not final at all.*
Height: 15.1m
Weight: ??t

With further improvisations and the use of the the spare GN Drive left over due to the Vertigo fiasco, it was fitted into a core fighter together with the Spark's GN Drive. This created a Twin Drive System similar to that done with a certain previous machine for Innovator use.

1x GN Sword/Rifle (3 Barrels)
2x GN Large Sword/Rifle Bit (2 Barrels)
4x GN Small Sword/Rifle Bit (1 Barrel)
1x GN Beam Shield (left arm)

To note, all Gundams within the GND series are already equipped with the Qan[T] system as an extra feature. It was partially unlocked at the start of the series but only one pilot who wasn't a pilot to begin with could. Oh the Gundam cliche I'm doing here.

Core Fighter for GND Series
Nothing much to say except that I want to make all (except Lightning) to have a core fighter concept similar to Gundam Plutone or the Ga~s in the GNZ series. This one is just a rough sketch of the CURRENT design. The design of it keeps on changing from time to time but I think I've finally come to the one that is reasonably logical. ^^
Note: Might make the proportions more accurate later on, still seems a bit off personally especially the sketches on the right for the core fighter slot in.

Okay, there isn't as much this time but its plentiful also. Thanks for viewing/reading!
To be continued?


mangyver5223 said...

man, how much did u buy 00 7 sword actually? why buy 2 box? for mod?

mangyver5223 said...

I got an idea that a MS can transform into Giant is it? i try to sketch it, but no time to done it

CD said...

@mangyver: There really isn't a better reason than I just wanted to put as many swords as possible on the 00 when I went up and got two of the 007S/G. Really, no grander reason than that. Nonetheless, I've left the second 00 body mostly un-built which I may do something to in the far future. ^^;

Well, your idea sound interesting. Sounds like a good MS for EDEN to use to gun down their enemies. XP

Choo Sie LIang said...

Storm Gundam head,almost like ZZ Gundam....= -

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hoho~ gotta like Storm's lineart~looks like a cleanup version and the pose make it looks like the official design~

CD said...

@Liang: Oops, forgot to type the head cannon for the Storm. ^^;
The head, especially the forehead, is directly based on ZZ Gundam.

@ZD: Thanks. =D
Too bad I have no good idea on how to design the sniper rifle yet though. =X


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