Saturday, April 3, 2010

Neo Celestial Being Rough Sketch

Here's a quickie I suddenly did for the three main Gundams for my not so much done probably not going to become a full length fan-fic of Neo Celestial Being. >.>
(For more information, follow the link.)

More explanations whenever I get the mood to continue that long story idea post. ^^;


divinelight said...

your draft is good, oh yeah do you also write fanfiction?

if you are, go to, it will be nice to write alongside the writers who has same hobby.

by the way, I've moved to a new site, hope you could change my link in blogroll too, thanks.

CD said...

I don't really write fan-fiction but I mostly just draw em' out. ^^;
I don't plan to put any of the fan-fics I've thought up (even this one you see before you) at sites like that until the overall story plot is certain (I did make a few fan-fics but they are always story continuations). A Gundam story is harder to do since it isn't just black and white, they must be a lot of gray in it too...

At any rate, I already updated your link. =)

Anonymous said...

Are you doing your own manga or doujin? Looks nice. I drew some of my own Gundam too. LoL!

MaftyNavue said...

nice... hehehe.. but again.. sketch..
we need more "real thing!!"

CD said...

@Wen: Somewhat but the progress is minimal and I'm not too sure if I'll actually 'publish' it later on. ^^;

@Mafty: I have some plans to make a Spark Gundam... but not yet. Just need some sacrifices, the right tools and equipment plus lotsa time. >.>
Why aren't there China branded pla-plates?! >.<


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