Saturday, April 24, 2010

SD Unicorn Complete!

Fufufu, just finished my SD Unicorn! And I'm pretty happy with the final result. ^^
This isn't a review post, not yet, but just a preview post. The review will be done a little later after all the paint has settled on the kit. =)

This one is a completely no sticker build but I think I should have used the white stickers as my white paint need a few more coats to actually look more solid. But, meh, I'll leave it as it is as I think the white on transparent red creates a rather nice effect itself.

Also, I had to use Gundam Marker Silver from the Songokuden set as a replacement of my already finished gray marker. I think it works just as well. ^^

Until the next post~


Chris said...

Hey! That red lines on Unicorn's V-fin.... that's Z's signature custom colour! XD

CD said...

I like Z's idea for the V-Fin so I 'borrowed' it. XD

mangyver5223 said...

I wanna see how it transform into unicorn

divinelight said...

that's Red Eyes. good one.
really like this SD, it's so details.

Anonymous said...

SD unicorn is still GAR!!
evan can transform

CD said...

@gyver: In due time but it may be done only by next week since I'm waiting for a certain event this week. ^^

@divine: Thanks. I actually wanted to do this with my HGUC but did not. SD eyes are MUCH easier to paint however. Thus, red eyes~

*transforms into Destroy Mode*


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