Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been waiting for this! :D And I've finally got it! C:

Even since I saw that uber huge beam part equipped Muramasa Blaster on the RD Crossbone Gundam X-3, I was like, "I must get this when it comes over." and I did. The S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form was a side-buy (thinking of getting other KRs in this small scale series). Because of this different purchase (than usual), I had to skip the HGUC ZZ. ^^;

Well, that's all for now. Didn't build the GX yet (had some fun with Den-O first) but I guess I'll wait until my mood to build sets in (will so have fun with the X-3 tomorrow). I just feel like doing other things lately (like gaming... Oblivion with mods is quite fun, more fun that it was when it was just released).

Oh yeah, I really would like some C&Cs (if you don't mind) for my previous post. I'll probably make a one-shot name on it soon-ish since I think I have good enough foundation to make a manga draft. ^^

Note: Sorry if the title is worded wrongly. ^^;


Chris said...

Oh, I saw the Crossbone at Momotoys too. Would have gotten if I had extra cash ^^;
That Muramasa Blaster is just so badass.

HGUC ZZ? I thought you weren't interested but you said "had to skip"... XP

Anonymous said...

Damn lucky, you... *salutes*

CD said...

@Chris: Skip as in "collection" (I worded it rather badly in the post actually). ^^;
(Well, if it does dust off at Momo, I may get it in the unknown future.)

@bd: Haha. Thanks? ^^

Chris said...

Which reminds me.... I haven't seen RD V2 Assault Buster there. They didn't get that I supposed.

Sie LIang said...

Ore ,Sanjyo! ~ XD!!Never though u get that SIC Kiwami damashii,LOL!!

divinelight said...

still awaiting for my SIC kiwami.
even though I prefer gunpla which have building process

GunStray said...

Not so much of a fan of Sword, but DId SIC relase Rod and Gun form, I love Urataros and Ryutaros

X-2 and X-3 FTW though I dig X 2 for the blue/purple paint^^;

chubbybots said...

woohoo Den O sword form nice!!! After getting the bonta kun RD i must say RD version are quite good. Nice joints and good paint job ^^

Still reading through your previous post...lots to digest!

mangyver5223 said...

man, I bought HGUC ZZ Saturday ago, although its flexibility was not as awesome as HG 00 Gundam,but most of nub marks etc well-hidden without need to sanding it......recomended to buy it one ^^;

CD said...

@Chris: Yeah, I think they didn't. I don't remember seeing it or else... I'd get it already. XP

@Liang: I can be full of surprise. XD
Since the SIC Kiwami series looks interesting (as well as priced very nice), I wanted to get one first and Den-O was nice looking. ^^

@GunStray: The other forms also got but only in the normal sized SIC variants for now. Hopefully Kiwami versions of them will come about. ^^

Same here. I might get the X-2 next time if I still got the chance. >.>

@chubbs: Yeah, RDs are indeed nice. They are nice to touch too (especially the newer ones!). Looking good now for the RD Qan[T]. XP

Haha, yeah, ideas overload. ^^;

@gyver: Most kits from Bandai nowadays hid their nubs pretty well so that's a given. Not getting it anyways, not anytime soon by the least. Other stuff which I like more are around the corner... August IS next month. ^^;

Tsukinari said...

Wah... u got DR X2 and a SIC Kiwami Den-O!! woot... nice get there XD.. I want SIC Kiwami Faiz and Blade *_*

keionfan said...

Does den-o & Xbone look good together? since they are both around the same height.

CD said...

@tsuki: Fast typing there haha.
If I get the chance, I would ninja get those two as well. ^^

@kei: Hmm, that's hard to say. Judge it yourself later once the review post is up. :)

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