Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] Review - Part 1

Price: 1600 Yen

The second Gunpla to built this year with the Gao Gao HG Cherudim GNHW/R being the first. Ironically,t hat makes it the second year in a row to have a bootleg Gunpla review taking the first review slot.
I intended to build this right after the previous build but decided to wait to get my camera back. In fact, I could have gotten it back by the 10th of January but the message telling me that it is done did not arrive. Luckily, a quick phone call, albeit 5 days later, informed that I can go pick it up already and I did pick it up on Monday. WIth great joy that both my camera and internet back, I went on to build the HG 00 Qan[T].

~About the MS~
This is the Gundam type Mobile Suit that was created for Innovators but specifically meant for Setsuna F. Seiei. Not going into too much spoilers, it is a Gundam specifically to "carve a future of understanding".

~MS Specs~
GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] (pronounced "Quanta")
Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei + *SPOILER*
Height: 18.3m
Weight: 63.5t
Armaments: GN Sword V, GN Sword Bit (6), GN Shield
Even though the armaments seems light, it actually isn't. The new 7 Swords System still can pack a punch. Okay, fine, I want the Full Saber add-on from Hobby Japan too.

Note: This part covers the box, box open and building process.

Part 1: Box
A nice white background box for the 00 Movie Gundams.

Bought it from a different shop this time and their price is decent!

Some Chinese warning label I can't read.

Part 2: Box Open!
Oh look at the green! *.*

Just a quick insert, I'm using a rechargeable LED lamp to help give more light to my shots and I'm not all that good with it just yet but at least the photos will look less light deprived than usual. If you noticed, I put some tissue around the light to soften it up similar to the camera flash trick.

For those who wants to be able to read some portions of the manual in Chinese.

Part 3: Runners

Why can't they make those clear parts green off the bat?! They are basically gonna/supposed to be green anyways! D: Ah well, a quick dab from the marker does the trick anyways.

Sadly, they aren't ABS! I was sort-of expecting some parts to be made of ABS plastic but the gray parts are all put onto a single normal plastic runner. Uh, yeah.

All the blue goes here. Actually, after going through the runners, Bandai made it much easier to paint the model kit. Nice.

I was surprised to find out it was made of the same material as the beam sabers. Yes, they are flexible.

This is made of ABS plastic so that tells us that this one is pretty durable and... sparkly.

It now comes with even more polycaps which goes to the shield. It also comes with a lot of dark green stickers... I was actually expecting some special stickers with words in them, you know, since it is a movie model kit after all. >_>;

Part 4: Building Process Part 4.1: Preparations
As usual, I dab the underside of the clear pieces using the Gundam Sangokuden Green Metallic marker. Just shake it once and make sure the color that comes out is still semi-transparent and you're good to go. Unless you want to make it reflective instead then shake until the paint mixes well.

Part 4.2: Torso
Great part separation I say.

Look, inner frame!

Painted the GN drive "exhaust" at the back with green metallic but seems I didn't shaked it all the way. I later, not pictured, painted the inner corners of the yellow piece gray to follow the box-art coloring.
Note: I still used the GN Condenser stickers so that the clear pieces have a dark background, giving it more depth.
Extra: If you want to, you can paint the lower part of the red abdomen piece gray as well, shouldn't be hard.

Part 4.3: Head

Simple enough... right?

Took me a while to make sure the blue on the head came out right. I even opened up the head to scrape off the blue paint that went inside. Used the Gundam Marker Blue from the Gundam 00 Marker Set 2. I didn't use the forehead crystal sticker however since it goes ON TOP of the clear piece which is a no no. Painted the blue parts, obviously, and the grey parts at the side. I also colored the rear side of the inner clear piece since I didn't want to use the sticker for it.
I also, later, sharpened the V-Fin more than just cutting off the excess nubs. Yes, I sanded the inner fins because someone made me realized it is indeed too thick for me to let be. ^^;

Part 4.4: Arms
Ah, the asymmetrical-ness.

Not much has changed here in terms of articulation but that's pretty good already. Painted the circular gray part with Gundam Marker Gray and a quick dab of gray for the connection area by the elbow.
EDIT: Actually, it isn't supposed to be gray unlike the 00 Gundam which I got used to. Its bare white so you actually don't need to paint it but since I already did, I won't waste my effort by erasing it off (which is pretty easy to do). ^^;

Part 4.5: Legs
Painted lots of gray, two layers, with some additional detail. ;D

Painted some gray at the inner circular parts although they might not be so obvious. It gives a bit more detail to the GN Condenser area. Also painted the gray "stripe" on the thighs. The 00 Qan[T]'s leg design is so much more paint friendly than the 00 Gundam's... seriously.

Part 4.6: Waist

Dab some metallic green instead of just making it black with the CD marker for the thrusters. ^^
The front skirt basically pivots on a small ball joint in the middle just like the 00 Gundam which the rear skirt is fixed like most HGs. For some odd reason, I feel like I see a face on the rear skirt armor... o.o
Note: Didn't put the cap on the action base hole since I'll be putting the kit on air most of the time.

Part 4.7: GN Shield
Ahoy, I see lots of polycaps, ar!

Photos says all. Painted the GN Drive in the shield with metallic green as well and just used the white sticker for the top part of the shield as I don't like to paint white on dark surfaces.

Part 4.8: GN Sword V
I learned that the green parts are a bit hard to put in properly...

Painted the blue part on the option blade part.
I actually didn't put the green blade part in properly so it is a bit longer than usual and I only fixed it after doing the combined sword gimmick way later. ^^;
GN Sword V Sword Mode.

GN Sword V Rifle Mode.

Part 4.9: GN Sword Bit
As easy as it looks... it wasn't. O.o I had a hard time putting the green parts properly into the blue parts for some odd reason. After damaging the joints a bit, I cut in a bit to make the connection wider on the green parts and, finally, went in. Phew. Just be careful when inserting these parts and I hope I wasn't the only one with this problem. ^^;

Part 4.10: Sparkly Green Display Stand
It sparkles! Too bad I won't be using it for the action shots though because it isn't dynamic enough for me. ^^; Most likely I'll be using it after the review when I keep the 00 Qan[T] in some sort of mid-air pose.

Part 5: Preview
Too bad it can't really hold the sword like in the line-art but ah well, this is the best you can do to make it look close enough.

To be continued...


Marzz said...

I just can't find the time to build it... Haha....

Anonymous said...

sorry to say.. i have to point out that the under side of the wrist gn condensers are meant to be in white instead of 00's grey, they changed the colours.

juz to let u know for a more anime accurate look though if u like it grey den be it~

oh and err u might wanna check the abdomen red piece, the lower half of it needs some grey as displayed on the box art and yes i build mine alrdy so i knew the colours

CD said...

@Marzz: "JIIII~!"

@Anon: I unfortunately noticed that when I looked at the box again yesterday but I'll leave it gray since I already put in the effort to paint it. ^^;
Yeah, the abdomen. Kinda lazy to touch up that part since I've finished building the whole thing already but thanks for telling me. :)

Tom said...

Did you painted in the grey that goes under the clear parts. I think it more better like that, since clear green on white looks strange.

Anonymous said...

well tom actually he painted the under side of the clear parts so it wont really look weird ^^ in fact it gives a "orb" feel. CD nice work there!! I am trying to buy a hg exia now but every where its out of stock. Exia or R2? suggestions?

CD said...

@Tom: As noted in the review, I still used the stickers except for the forehead crystal. ^^

@47: Get the R2. Not only it comes with every part of the original Exia (except the shoulder GN Cables and stickers for the exposed GN Cables) and the R2 itself. If you have some of the right paint colors, Gundam markers or actual paint bottles, getting the R2 is a better choice. :)

Tom said...

Ah I didn't see that. Failz... :(

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