Friday, January 7, 2011

More Quantum Gets

Plus Gundam Marker Gray which I have run out of. ^^
This will be my last get for a while since I'm very flat right now. Totally. Anyways, I've finally gotten the HG 00 Qan[T]! 2 more 00 Qan[T]s to go! X3

I bought these from a different shop this time - Heng Kim Trading which is located in the BDC Everise building on the first floor IIRC. The prices seems reasonable enough and they stock TT Hongli/Gao Gao/Kao Kao too! Lots of them, at reasonable prices too! They even have putty (YES!) but no pla-plates but it seems like I can order them if I'd like (YES!). For now, that have to wait. ^^;

Diorama plan can be a go now too. Oh shiz, will I be making something that big for my first time? I need to find a Legend Gundam somewhere since I'm sure there wasn't a bootleg NG 1/100 Legend Gundam from TT except maybe Model GD... (Required "material"; MG Force Impulse, MG Strike Freedom, MG Infinite Justice, MG Destiny EBM and NG Legend.)

Next post very soon - White Base MS Hangar Review. Wait for it ya~


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

wait, 2 more OOQs? Mg OOQ and.....?

CD said...

SD 00Q. Dur~~~ XD

Tom said...

Oh I see lol.

Cherudim Fighter? XD

CD said...

@Tom: You can see the low level Photoshop skills on it, seriously. XD

Moe Moe said...

is that a bootleg cheridum?

CD said...

@Moe: Yep, suddenly got supplier in town... and you know what that means. :D (Sacrif-Supplies!)
Review on it later today, at least for the first part. ^^


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