Friday, January 28, 2011

This is Ultimate!

This is the quite final piece I'll be sending in for the UDON Mega Man Tribute book. I think I might not make it in but since I'm already here, I'll make the last struggle. I don't like to give up once I've made a decision.

Okay guys, here it is, a over the top redesign of the X4 Ultimate Armor.

Simple photo explanation.
"The final stage is space and X has to confront Sigma with the sun in the background! What is Sigma planning to do now?!"
X: "Sigma!!!"
Sigma: "Hahaha! Welcome X, I've been expecting you..."

And... I'm done for now.


chubbybots said...

Wait are those Strike Feedom shoulder armors haha? Great artwork man!

CD said...


I just designed him randomly earlier on and posed him in this one. XP

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