Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Robot Damashii Gundam Avalanche Exia! :O

Note: The GN Short & Long Blades are at the wrong side for the rear shot. ^^;

Price: 3800 Yen (roughly RM140~150 for us here)

WTF?! RD decides to make an Avalanche Exia?! O.O Considering how great the normal RD Exia was from my own review, I'm looking forward to this, unless they decide to make the Dash parts too (and I hope they won't be limited like the Repair versions). :S

Oh yeah, I'm currently busy doing this;
Right now I can say it is merely an attempt since the dead line for the tribute book is really creeping up closer as I started doing this very late. Just 5 more days before the 31st bust with my semester break still going on, I may be able to do it finish quite "fast" (it will still take hours though). Okay... FIGHT-OH!



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