Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wrapping Up 2010

Just a quick post with some thoughts on 2010.

Last year has been another year forward for me. Not only I've gained more freedom in my actions, I'm experiencing more things than I ever did before entering university. So many things happened and so much money spent but if 2012 can be believed to be our final year, it is best to enjoy life to the fullest. Otherwise, always try to enjoy life as much as you can while trying your best to go through any struggles and assignment. :)

Looking back at it, last year wasn't a complete smooth ride, no year ever is, but it was truly fun. I finally go to my friends houses (during non-special days) and bought 2 game consoles I've been aching to get for a good while already. I've also expanded my collection, pains to my wallet though, with SIC Kiwami, Robot Damashii and even Nendroid now. Hopefully this won't paved a future filled with too much spending... as hard as it is to avoid.

I've noticed that I need to improve some of my certain skills some more. I can't leave them as it is so maybe I should make that my New Year 2011 resolution to improve my skill in arts in more than just drawing and coloring, modding and painting as well!

Thus, I close 2010 with this.



Marzz said...

Happy New Year! Nice get! SIC KT Faiz and auto-vajin, great!

Tsukinari said...

Kiwami FAIZ and AUTO VAJIN!!! I WANT THOSE!!! ORZ!!!!!!

BRS Nendo is a nice get.. :D

and SD GETZ! nice

Happy New Year RNDM!

more Randomness this year I see mueheheh

CD said...


Hehe, there are still many things to do even though this year has just begun! XD

(SD might be pushed back since Momotoys might get some hobby supplies this year. :O)

Tom said...

Lolwut?! 2011 loots already? Happy New Year to then.

Anonymous said...

FAIZ!!!! You like Kamen Rider 555 series? Then check out my blog's video section for Stop Motion Gundam - War for Peace 2, I added in at the last part some remix of kamen rider faiz ^^ It's my favourite kamen rider series. And most of all the sword at least doesn't look as toyish as Kamen rider Double ^^ And the effects are very realistic and the english during henshin or finishing moves sounds a lot better than double series^^ in kamen rider double it's totally "japanic english". ZoKa, Macksimamu DuLyeVu" for decade, "kamen laido 'name of rider'" for kabuto, "one, teuu, three, laido kicku!!" xD I am just so excited about kamen rider as much as gundam so sorry for so much i have to say xD

CD said...

@Tom: Actually, I bought thia on the last day of 2010. Just that I didn't have to post it then since I was out all day. ^^;

@47: Yeah, I like Faiz too. Hopefully I can get Faiz Accel someday...

As for the Engrish, I'm okay with that since it has been part of the Rider series for a while already. XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hoi hoi~ nice get there~ now you get poisoned XD aha, those SDs, we'll might see something nice here ^^

CD said...

@ZD: Yep, poison is strong.

As for the SDs... I have some ideas already but I'll wait for the possible supplies since I better get some paint as well for em'. ^^

chubbybots said...

Whoa congrats on your first nendo and other loots!!! Hope I won't spend too much in 2011 haha...

Happy to know that 2010 was a great year of experience for ya!

CD said...

@chubbs: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a nendo i am planning to get one but it is way too exp saving for it now

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