Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prelude of the Storm Gundam

Anyone who has me on FB will already have seen two of the photos of my slowly ongoing plans which gets a thumbs up this year. Oh my, I really need to plan my tools, equipment and accessories budget already. Anyways, here's what I've done so far but it is merely a shape test using the excess plastic from the runners.

Before that, a quick look back at the latest sketched design of the GND-003 Storm Gundam.
There's still a lot to do except for the GN Shield Rifle Bits since I'll be going with the GN Sniper Rifle Bits for the time being. I'll do them later on, hopefully, since I really want to do that double funnel Nu Gundam action. XD
There will, unavoidably, some design changes as I go along with the mod to make my life easier. Else there will be a lot of SBs all around and I'm not too sure if I can do that much just yet so I'll make it simpler for me to do. As I go along, I might do more, just not anytime so soon.

Some of you may be wondering, what is Storm Gundam? A simple explanation would be - Neo Celestial Being's 4th Mobile Suit built 20 years after the end of the ELS confrontation. It is closer to Gundam Zabanya in use since there is no Virtue unit this time, for a certain reason. It also has a Core Fighter which has the GN Drive within it similar to Gundam Plutone.
More in this older post here.

Okay, here's what I have so far. Everything that isn't supposed to go like that are tacked with blue-tack or forced in wherever a connection fits.

So far - V-Fin and GN Sniper Rifle IV. I think I'll be keeping the GN Sniper Rifle Bits in that position and call this the Storm Gundam + Assault Weapon Pack or Storm Gundam Type 1.

First time test. I used a lot of blue-tack and tacked the ass-drive upside down and replaced the original backpack as to use the connections to hold the bits in a position I envisioned. The GN Drive might be replaced completely with a semi-Core Fighter back (I think I won't be making a whole CF for this first time) which will have a similar look to 00 Qan[T]'s binders. I'm thinking of cutting a used pen to make it. Colored paper might work out to make those clear stuff... with paper glue. XP

Gattai formation with the bits? I just used the available stuff from the GNHW/R and configured this up suddenly. Hm...

The new forehead crystal, ala ZZ Gundam, is roughly measured and shaped. I used blue-tack as well to hold the parts for the time being. I'll need some delicate work on this part unless I get the ZZ's V-Fin. ^^; But I'll try to mold it using putty and hope that works. (Any advice will be handy and I'll go through some tutorials when I'm really going to do this.)
EDIT: I'll use putty for the inner part of the forehead cannon. The outer layer, if I were to call it that, will be made with pla-plates (the shape is there for now at least). :)

GN Sniper Rifle IV? Basically it will look like the GN Sniper Rifle III that Zabanya uses. So, I was thinking, how about a knife under the barrel similar to the British rifle in our Sejarah text books? XD Or maybe a whole sword blade like the GN Sword II Blaster?

Okay, that's all for now. Please don't expect this to be done very quickly since I still need to get some joint parts, varying pla-plate sizes and so on. I don't want to rush it either. ^^;
Until the next post~

"Slow and steady~"


Marzz said...

A whole blade like the Sword Blaster HELL YES!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

i suggest use pla plate for the forehead cannon. to sculpt it from putty, it will be a very hard matter IMHO

CD said...

@Marzz: Okay, whole blade!

@ZD: Ah, actually, I meant that I'll use putty to fill in the inner part to shape it as the forehead cannon (outer shape from pla-plate). It won't be entirely made from putty. ^^;

Tom said...

First time customizing using plastic sheets? I'm waiting until I have that kind of motivation to try something like that.

CD said...

This isn't really my first time but this will definitely be heavier than the one I did before (look for Black Ice in the reviews section). I wonder how far I can take this at this point?

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