Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking of Entering the Mega Man Tribute

More info on that HERE.

I actually thought of it a while back but well, I felt like I couldn't. Right now, however, I feel like I just want to at least try entering using a certain distinctive style of mine.

This one is quite messy with the lines but I'll be doing that watercolor effect once I'm done and see how it goes from there. Else, either just enter it or do a "proper" one. ^^;
Note: X isn't colored completely just yet.

Thoughts on the color? Too dark? Gold trims? White trims?


DarkFaiz said...

How about using ultimate kuuga color scheme?

CD said...

The only problem with that is this isn't the Ultimate Armor for X so it would look out of place (and it isn't the Irregular/Maverick X either). ^^;

Though, if I were to make a variation of the ultimate armor, I think I will take your suggestion for the colors. :)


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