Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cosvention 09

Due to the lack of proper Internet connectivity, I should've known about this a while back, though I guess I already knew but became unaware of the current date. XP Darn you Streamyx for not being stable! I was totally disconnected since yesterday morning until this evening! What the ****?!

At any rate, to those who live in Kuching, come for the Cosvention 09 at Boulevard Shopping Mall! This is a rare event for us Sarawakians which you should not miss out~ ^_^

I went there just now to check it out. Quite interesting and fun. There was a cosplay competition but I came a wee bit too late to see the whole thing. There are also some related items being sold there but I was quite disappointed as it seems there isn't any decent promotion going on...



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