Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 1

I woke up really early on the 2nd day... someone's alarm decided to ring at 5.30am. D=

Well, at any rate, we all got ready by 7am and had our complimentary hotel breakfast which was not bad, though slightly lacking.

Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 1
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 2 - Cosplay Competition Preliminaries
Day 2 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 1 - Part 3
Day 3 - Daicon(大コン) 2009 Day 2 - Final

Day 3-4 - No Concert Tickets = Go Shopping

Picture spam time!
Post Highlights: Figurine & Nendroid Pictures

Part 1: Getting There
After some of us had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we set off to the Pasar Seni station. I forgot which kind of train we took, but I think it was either the LRT or KTM to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral we took the KLIA Transit to Cyberjaya. From station at Cyberjaya, we took a bus to the Multimedia University(MMU).

The KL Transit was really comfortable to ride unlike most other trains, it is also the most expensive. XP

Waiting for the train to KL Sentral. Not many people yet as it was still early.

KLIA Transit Express(not using this one).

Part 2: Arriving Early & Lost
By around 9am we finally reach the entrance of the MMU... OMG, this place is simply HUGE! Most of us who came here got lost and even the street cleaners of the area didn't know where is the Grand Hall... Well, after a bit of walking and slightly extra walking due to taking a long turn, we finally reached the Grand Hall.
Huge. Huge. HUGE!

Not helping! D=

There was even... CROWS!

I mean, seriously, why were there no directions? Many other people also got lost here. Directions kudasai!

Finally, we reached the Grand Hall. However, we cannot go inside yeat and had to wait outside the lobby/inner entrance.

The people who take part in the Daicon can go in already to set up their booths and so on.

Information center.

People waiting impatiently for them to let us in.

Part 3: Gashapon
While waiting, I look at the Gashapon that Litt Tak has put up before the entrance. At this point of time, I haven't bought any yet, still pondering whether I should burn some cash here... For now, enjoy the close up pictures of the displayed Gashapons!

Looks similar to the "normal" RM1/20 sen ones we see all over M'sia for the past couple of years, eh?

Part 4: Finally, We Get To In!
Slightly past 10am, we were finally allowed to step into the core of the Grand Hall! Before we get to go in, the attenders gives the visitors a booklet that highlights the events and a RM10 voucher(for a bookstore). Sometime later, they also gave some other free stuff such as a Shokubutsu shower foam sample and Fresh & White toothpaste sample.

After we get to go in, I went around and took some pictures. It was still really early as many were still readying their booths.

Note: I didn't snap everything though, there are some booths missing from my light photo taking. I just snap whatever I can and felt like snapping. XP
I didn't want to spend too much time trying to get good shots of every single booth or event. ^^;

After going around a bit, I went to one of the booths at which my friends were already standing in line at. I didn't intend to buy anything from the booth, but curiosity peak my interest and we waited in line for quite a while. We also missed the opening ceremony(didn't see but can be heard easily). XP
Would you stand in line as well just to go to this booth/shop?

In the end I bought two "large sized cards" and got a free card.

Part 5: Macross, Figurines & Nendroids
After that booth, I went around again and decided to take some pictures of the displayed Macross stuff.
Didn't take much at that point of time since there wasn't much to see for me. =P

The following pictures are taken much later but I'll put it up earlier in this part of the post. Some of them are similar as I circled the place twice, since everyone were either doing the Q&A and autograph session with Minorin. Since I didin't buy the concert ticket, I wasn't able to see that. Not so unfortunate since I'm not a fan.
Yep, I really took a lot of pictures of the figures especially since I felt like it. XD I'm not into figures as I not really interested in them as of now and hopefully not in the future as these really cost a bomb. They make Gundams look cheap to buy. =O

Part ?: Free Stuff
I took this picture at home just now. Basically, the free stuff you can get at Daicon 2009. The 1/144 Zaku Warrior I got it before I got to the long queue booth though. Nothing much, its just a simple really easy to snap together kit. They also gave out the 1/144 Blitz Gundam which I didn't manage to get...

After walking around the Grand Hall, getting some freebies and so on, I sat down at the sitting place to watch the cosplay competition that is being held at 11am...

Next up... the cosplay competition. =)


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